A Lightweight Base for Spring


I’m introducing spring up here on the blog as you might have noticed from my fashion edit, an introduction to my favorite color at the moment and now I’m showing you my current base. I like to keep everything looking super natural, fresh and dewy.

As you might recall from my foundation fails post, I really did not get along with the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation at all, but gave it a second shot about a few weeks ago and have been LOVING it since then. I really don’t know what changed but all of a sudden I really enjoy the light to medium coverage, dewy finish and longevity of this foundation. I like the scent, I like how it doesn’t make my forehead super oily after a long day and I like how it photographs. Ok that’s it – end of rave.

I’ve also really been liking the Instant Age Rewind Concealer by Maybelline lately, the spongey application blends the product super well, and even though it might not be the most hygienic, it really gets the job done. I usually like to apply a little dusting of Rimmel Stay Matte powder just down my T-zone to avoid shininess and then carve out my cheekbones with the Sleek Contour Kit. The Bobbi Brown blusher in Peony you will have seen on this blog about a thousand times but I really like the hint of pink it adds to my cheeks, somehow I feel like that makes my blue eyes pop a bit more?

New to my collection is the Bobbi Brown eyebrow gel that comes with a little wand applicator. I use this in the shade mahogany and let me tell you – this keeps your brows where they’re supposed to be! This is great for setting your brows and coat the single hairs in product, however, if you do have slight irregularities and gaps in your brows you’re gonna wanna use a pencil underneath. After I sadly ran out of my Anastasia Brow Wiz I turned back to my MAC Eyebrow pencil in Fling.

To finish off this natural look, I give my eyelashes about two thin coats of the Maybelline Colossal mascara in dark brown.


What’s your favorite foundation for a light and dewy base? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Fuss Free Make-Up: Travel Edition

IMG_9486I’ve mentioned about a gazillion time on here how much I am obsessed with Stockholm, yet I still did a fair bit of traveling recently. For a very fair price cruise ships offer weekend trips to many different cities and so my friends and I spent the past two weekends in Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. The experience was a lot of fun, you travel overnight, spend the day in the city and travel back to Stockholm overnight again. You can imagine very light packing was required as I did not want to drag around a heavy suitcase all day, not that that would’ve been necessary anyways.

So here you have a little overview of what products I decided to pack. For a long day out I didn’t want a heavy face of make-up and so light- and naturalness were the keywords I worked with. I also kept in mind that glass bottles might break and big containers are rather unpleasant to carry around.
For the base I went with Chanel’s Vitalumière Aqua, a very thin and light coverage foundation that let’s the natural skin shine through and looks very natural (I’m the shade B10 if anyone cares). As I anticipated short nights I opted for the NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, a medium to high coverage product that cancels out dark circles and red spots right away. As this can crease on my I set it in place with a bit of Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder in transparent.
For some general contour on my face I used the Sleek Contour Kit as always, in the shade Light, and then applied a tiny bit of Bobbi Brown’s Peony blusher. I filled in my eyebrows with MAC’s eyebrow pencil in Fling and applied a light coat of MAC’s In Extreme Dimension mascara and that is it.

A very light and natural face that doesn’t take up too much space in the packing process. What are your go-to products when it comes to packing light? Anything that I missed?

The Lip Product Addict Tag

IMG_9149Here it is! The Lip Product Addict Tag – after receiving the odd comment about my preference for bold lipsticks I was thinking of writing a blog post on my favorite bright lippies but then thought why not combine it with the lipstick tag that Lily Pebbles created a while back? So there you have it, my favorite bunch lip products. I am tagging Millie C, Diana from Cardiff Beauty Blog and Abbie Jane from Alvissia.

One: What is your favorite balm or treatment?
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip perfector – 01 Rose Shimmer

I’ve only bought this a few months back but have already declared it as my holy grail of lip products. It isn’t too glossy, but not matte either, provides moisture for hours even after the actual balm has worn off and leaves my lips super soft. I own two shades of these and while they only give the slightest bit of color I love them both and always carry one in my handbag.

Two: What is your favourite eye catching red?
Sephora Cream Lip Stain 01 – Always Red

This had made its fair appearance on the blog before as well, and for a good reason. It’s the most gorgeous bright red that has a lot of dimension despite being an ultra matte formula. This will not budge on you no matter what and stays on a good couple of hours before showing sign of wear. I believe this shade suits absolutely everybody and if you’re in the market for a new red: try this!

Three: The best luxury and drugstore product?
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Red Square / Rimmel Kate – 107

The luxury one for me was quite hard to determine because I don’t really own many high-end lip products. So for me at this point it would probably be the NARS Velvet Matte Pencil in Red Square. It glides on very easily and isn’t too drying on the lips either. However, like I said, it’s not my absolute favourite (I’m quite sure I would like the Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose, but that’s for another story).
As for drugstore I definitely get most wear out of the Rimmel Kate lipstick in the shade 107. A gorgeous color that can be layered to create a deep opaque red or lightly dabbed on for a just-bitten kinda look. This one I will probably repurchase for ever and ever!

Four: Best MAC lipstick?
Plumful – Lustre

For me that is plumful, without a doubt. It’s the shade I get most wear out of. It’s a lustre finish so again, great for layering but also super pretty in just a thin swipe. This is one of the few products, which I could apply in the dark and be sure that it looks good!

Five: Most disappointing product?
Revlon ColorStay – Shanghai Sizzle

Excuse the lack of image but as I found this quite disappointing I left it at home when I moved to Stockholm. I am talking about the Revlon ColorBurst lip laquers and mine is in the shade Shanghai Sizzle, a bright orange-y toned red. I remember Fleur raved about this but I found the application to be quite streaky and hard to work with. I’ll give it another go next year but so far: not impressed.

Six: Lip Liner: Yes or No?

The fact that I brought exactly one lip liner for my 6 months stay says it all I assume. I never use lip liner except for when I am donning a deep burgundy red. With darker colors I am usually a bit more careful, but I do actually really wanna get my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in …

Seven: Favourite gloss?

None, to be honest. I just really don’t like the sticky feeling and that Clarins Lip Perfector I talked about is the closest I will get to using a gloss in the near future, trust me. Maybe it’s the impracticality of having to get your hair off of your lips or the fact that I just much prefer a matte lip, but glosses and I really do not get along.

Eight: Something else?

Here is a product that I love and hate at the same time. The P2 couture lip polish stain in 045 – professional attitude is the perfect mauve-y color that makes my lips look natural yet better. If only they changed the formula, because even though it says it’s a stain – let me tell you it is not. This rubs off very fast! Too bad, cause I really like the product.



Festival Round Up


Initially I wanted to post the beauty items that I brought for the festival last weekend but due to stress of all sorts that post never got published. Instead, I thought, it might be even more interesting to take a sneak peek into what I actually used for a change? As most girls I am always, always (!) guilty of overpacking and so this time. I tried to restrict myself to one of each kind but got a little carried away in the concealer department. Not sure what I was expecting but I apparently I thought four different concealers would be needed! Don’t need to mentioned that I only used two, do I? Anyway, here you have the round-up of the products that actually made their way onto my face throughout the past couple of days. Anything I missed out on?
IMG_8350In terms of face products I brought a small container filled with my trusty Bioderma Solution Micellaire to clean my face after I wiped my make-up off with the YesTo Carrots wipes. I’m usually not a big fan of face wipes but when you’re not exactly close to a bathroom sink then these will become your best friend, let me tell you! So once all the stuff has been removed I would put on my miniature Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream. In the morning I would use another quick Bioderma swipe over the face and then protect my skin from sun damage by applying the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF 50 which I’ve mentioned about a thousand times now. Love this stuff!
Actually I have stopped using deodorants that contain aluminum salts (post is on your way ladies and gents) but for a festival I wanted to make sure no smelly situation occurred and got a Rexona version that honestly did a really good job! Lastly on the necessity front I packed a small hand sanitizer gel by Soap & Glory.


Onto the not so necessary bits: for slight coverage I used the Diorskin BB Cream in 002, touched up any blemishes with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and covered up severely dark circles with my beloved Maybelline Age Rewing concealer.
For brows I used an old pencil by Lacura in Blonde. Some general bronzing was done with the Sleek Contour Kit and for eyes I alternated between the Collossal Volume Express in Brown and whenever it rained I opted for my Lancome Hypnose in waterproof. Whenever I felt fancy I either applied Rimmel’s In Love With Ginger on the lips or a chrome blue eyeliner by P2. At night I gave my lips a good coat of Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel to prevent them from chapping.


So these were the things I packed and used on a daily basis this past weekend. What are your beauty essentials for festivals? Anything I should add to the stash for next year? Please let me know!

London Haulin’

IMG_8282For those of you that haven’t read it on Twitter yet (subtle social media plug right there) I went to London this past weekend to visit a friend and of course to raid the aisles of Boots, Selfridges, and the likes. I’ve posted about the products that I was lusting over and managed to get most of them and oh well… even more! I worked a lot last month so I wanted to treat myself to some products that are either completely unavailable here in Germany or much pricier in conversion.

IMG_8262First up we have skin & body care. I was especially looking for the Soap & Glory products as they are quite on the pricier side here at Douglas and I’ve heard Boots does a good 3 for 2 deal most of the times, which also happened to be the case this time. I went for the full size of products that I had read great things about and miniature versions of smaller things I wanted to try out/ products I intend on keeping in my handbag. Such as the sanitizer and the miniature version of the Hand Food hand cream. Other than that I purchased the Foam Call shower and bath gel, the Righteous Butter body lotion and two body scrubs (Flake Away & Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em).

IMG_8264Next up we have other skin and haircare products. I purchased the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask because literally everybody and their mother raves about this. Super stoked to try this!
Also, after Nicole mentioned she much preferred the Batiste dry hair shampoo over the Dove one I was a little hesitant but decided to test and compare them myself to see what I think. Will keep you updated! Also, I decided to give face wipes another go and purchased YesToCarrots facewipes. I’m curious to see what I think!

IMG_8270On the beauty front I was pretty much drawn to all variations of red as you can tell. Fleur loves the Revlon Color Burst Matte Lip Balm. And because they only recently launched in the British market I was totally excited to find this in Boots. Also high up on my list of coveted products was the rimmel in In Love With Ginger. I tried this today and loved it!!
How gorgeous is NARS packaging? I already adore the look of this matte lip pencil in Red Square and am curious to see how this tests.
Further down the line we have a Revlon Color Burst matte lip pen. I first wanted to get the shade Audacious but they didn’t have it and so I went for this instead which looks like a nice pinky red.
In Duty free I got myself another Clarins Lip Perfector in the shade 06, after Fleur mentioned this as a perfect nude shade and I’m seriously lacking in that department.

IMG_8274For an upcoming concealer comparison I also wanted to try the much raved about Collection concealer and the gorgeous NARS creamy concealer. I also stocked up on the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I’ve had this before but the lid broke and now I don’t like to carry this around with me anymore out of fear of covering the entire content of my beauty bag.

IMG_8276Some last random bits are a new tube of the L’Occitane hand cream, and Essie’s nailpolish in Mint Candy Apple

Let me know what products you’d like me to go more in depth about and I’m sure to post a review in the near future! What’s your favorite item you have bought recently?