An Ode to Kiehl’s


It’s been quite a while since I first got my hands on a Kiehl’s product. It all started with the Ultra Light Daily UV Defense sun protector, that I got last summer and really liked. It’s the perfect sun blocker with high protection, yet it never left a white film on my face and sinks in super quickly. It’s on its last legs now but I will definitely be repurchasing this one.

On the topic of repurchasing things, my beloved Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado is about to run out and I’m crying crocodile tears, let me tell you! This stuff is incredible, super hydrating and rich, but not greasy at all and makes applying concealer and eyeshadow a dream. These past winters I’ve suffered from super dry and flakey eyelids – super attractive, I know. But not this winter, thanks to this little fella. Over the last season this has become my holy grail of face products and I will head to town and stock up on this as soon as I run out.

I got the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream on a whim at the Stockholm Airport when I flew back home to Germany from Christmas and have been using it every single day since then. It’s not my favorite of all three products, but nevertheless it does a good job at keeping my skin moisturized and provides a good base for any make-up I’m applying on top.

What are your favorite products from Kiehl’s – anything I should try next?

Small Collective Haul

IMG_9948Over the past couple of weeks / months I have been picking up a few products that have been on my lust list for the longest time. Now, most of these won’t come as a surprise to you because you have seen them been mentioned in previous posts, such as the Chanel Vitalumière Acqua, the Anastasia Brow Wiz, the Origin’s Super Spot Remover and both the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado and The Body Shop’s Argan Oil lip butter.

So we only have to unknown products left that didn’t come with a wish list in advance and were more impulse buys. First up we have the MAC lip pencil in Soar, which is supposedly the shade that Kylie Jenner sports to create her signature 90’s lip. I have worn this a couple of time and can totally agree that this is a great color. Pretty mauve-y on the lips and since it’s so easy to exaggerate your lip shape with a pencil I’ve recently had quite a few comments whether I was using some sort of lip plumper.

The other item, which you can’t fully see in all its glory is the Lee sweater underneath. I first saw this on Sabrina’s blog and really, really liked it, forgot about it, saw it again in a department store here in Stockholm and just had to order it. I love the sporty vibe of it, that’s oohmphed up by the sequins and that it say’s For the life you lead. As cheesy as it sounds, but I am a firm believer of taking ownership of the life we were given and accepting changes in plans.

Have you tried any of these products? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Skincare Fall to Winter Edit


When transitioning from season to season you normally switch up your wardrobe. Goodbye to those flimsy dresses, open shoes and leaving a jacket at home. But as your body needs more protection throughout the colder months to keep healthy, so does your skin. I am currently in the process of updating my skincare regimen to a more appropriate routine preparing for the big drop in temperature that is inevitably going to happen in foreseeable time. Of course I did not take all of my skincare products with me to Sweden so this makes it a bit easier for me to sort through my stash, deciding what to keep, what to leave for next year and what items I need to add.

Starting with my keepers, it is all about again protection and moisturizing. As I have mentioned before my hands tend to get really dry so I like to always carry my L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream with me wherever I go. It is rich, keeps my hand soft and sinks in quite quickly, so no oily marks all over your keyboard!

We all apply SPF before a good ol’ sunbathing session but most of us forget this step in their daily routine regardless of of season and whether the sun is shining or not. Fact is, there are UVA and UVB rays shining on us all day whether you see them or not. They make the skin age quicker, developing wrinkles and impurities at an earlier age. You won’t see the results of using this regularly this within a week, a month or even a year, but sooner or later the day will come.

I am currently in the midst of writing an ode to the Body Shop Body Butters but I just can’t help it. The perfect luxurious yet not incredibly expensive treat for your skin after a nice shower. It sinks in quite fast (can you tell this is a major criterion for me?) and smells nice and soft. Like anybody else’s my skin tends to get quite dry and as deep care treatment I put this on every night for a couple of days in a row and instantly see results. No more flakiness!

One more Body Shop product to finish off, this Serum-In-Oil is the last step in my skincare routine and supports regeneration over night. It is moisturizing yet doesn’t make me shine like a stick of butter and smells very nice. A few drops are enough to cover the entire face and so far I have not noticed any dry patches on my forehead which I had big struggles with last year.


Now on to the products that I would like to add to my skincare.
I love a good face mask and this over-night version by Origins is raved about lots in the blogger community. Especially after using exfoliating and deep-cleansing masks I notice my skin gets a bit tight and to put the moisture back I would like to add this to my routine. I’ve also never used an over-night mask so I am anticipating this to be very rich yet not too heavy to stain my pillows. Any experiences with this Drink Up Intensive option?

As you can see from my keeper’s I currently don’t own a daily face cream. While using the SPF alone currently works fine as it is not that cold yet, I will definitely find an option to provide my skin with a little more care and moisture for the day. As I trust in the brand I am keen to try out the Make A Difference Plus + cream to see whether it really holds up to its great reviews. Can you tell I’ve made it my mission to avoid any dry patches at all this winter?

Apart from dry skin I also suffer from really dry eye-lids. Especially the inner area gets super dry and flakey, a rather gross sight – let me tell you! I’ve tried it with a ton of creams last year but none of them seemed to help. And while I still like my Origins GinZeng Eye Cream in the morning I want to add a bit more oomph at night to repair any damages. I have only heard great things about this Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado one by Kiehl’s and will definitely invest in one of those little pots.

Lastly, who doesn’t get chapped lips in the colder months? Ever tried applying lipstick on top of that? Yeah, not a good look. The wild Argan Oil range by the Body Shop is supposed to be super rich and caring and goes by the name of Solid Oil Lips. If that doesn’t moisturizing then I don’t know what! I’ve given this a quick try a couple of days ago in the shop and think I must head back soon!



One product that will leave my bathroom shelve this season is the Origins GinZing day cream. I really liked this during the warmer months as the gel texture is very nice and light, sinks in quickly and is the perfect base for already relatively moisturized skin. But as you can tell from the description I have just given you, not exactly an ideal companion during those colder months to come.


I’m curious as to what you will be replacing and adding to your skincare routine, please share in the comments!

Festival Round Up


Initially I wanted to post the beauty items that I brought for the festival last weekend but due to stress of all sorts that post never got published. Instead, I thought, it might be even more interesting to take a sneak peek into what I actually used for a change? As most girls I am always, always (!) guilty of overpacking and so this time. I tried to restrict myself to one of each kind but got a little carried away in the concealer department. Not sure what I was expecting but I apparently I thought four different concealers would be needed! Don’t need to mentioned that I only used two, do I? Anyway, here you have the round-up of the products that actually made their way onto my face throughout the past couple of days. Anything I missed out on?
IMG_8350In terms of face products I brought a small container filled with my trusty Bioderma Solution Micellaire to clean my face after I wiped my make-up off with the YesTo Carrots wipes. I’m usually not a big fan of face wipes but when you’re not exactly close to a bathroom sink then these will become your best friend, let me tell you! So once all the stuff has been removed I would put on my miniature Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream. In the morning I would use another quick Bioderma swipe over the face and then protect my skin from sun damage by applying the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF 50 which I’ve mentioned about a thousand times now. Love this stuff!
Actually I have stopped using deodorants that contain aluminum salts (post is on your way ladies and gents) but for a festival I wanted to make sure no smelly situation occurred and got a Rexona version that honestly did a really good job! Lastly on the necessity front I packed a small hand sanitizer gel by Soap & Glory.


Onto the not so necessary bits: for slight coverage I used the Diorskin BB Cream in 002, touched up any blemishes with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and covered up severely dark circles with my beloved Maybelline Age Rewing concealer.
For brows I used an old pencil by Lacura in Blonde. Some general bronzing was done with the Sleek Contour Kit and for eyes I alternated between the Collossal Volume Express in Brown and whenever it rained I opted for my Lancome Hypnose in waterproof. Whenever I felt fancy I either applied Rimmel’s In Love With Ginger on the lips or a chrome blue eyeliner by P2. At night I gave my lips a good coat of Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel to prevent them from chapping.


So these were the things I packed and used on a daily basis this past weekend. What are your beauty essentials for festivals? Anything I should add to the stash for next year? Please let me know!

July Favorites

IMG_3456Well hello there, unexpected Sunday night surprise post! How is it already August? Watching fireworks on New Year’s Eve seems like just a week ago! Anyway, this is probably the introduction you’ll read on any Favorites post but you gotta go with the grain, no? So here we have it: the roundup of my most loved products this month! Most of them should not come as a surprise as they’ve made their fair share of appearance on here.

First up we have the Clarins Lip Perfector which has been in use non-stop ever since I got it. It’s the most gorgeous texture, not sticky at all and gives just the slightest amount of color. I’ll probably pick up a few other shades, one for each bag kinda thing.

For my skin care I’ve been switching things up a bit since my last post. In the mornings I opted for the Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense to provide my skin with the protection that it needs for the warmer months. As for my nighttime regimen I mentioned before that my forehead was quite dry and flaky so I was opting for something that was providing a bit more moisture and exfoliation. I read up on chemical exfoliators that worked under AHA and BHA’s (Paula’s Choice has a great explanation over here) and thought I’d give them a go so I went ahead and purchased the Avène Cleanance K Cream-Gel . Let me tell you: this combination has been working wonders! My face feels moisturized all day long and no more dry patches. Absolute recommendation here!! (So many exclamations marks!!!!!)

After never really paying attention to brown mascaras it was all that I put on my lashes this last month. The Maybelline Colossal Volume Express does a good job at adding volume, separating the lashes and coating them nicely. It looks so natural and no matter how much you cake on: it doesn’t ever look too much!

As for daily coverage I’ve been grabbing my Dior Diorskin Nude in the shade 002 – Fair most days. A little bit goes a long way and evens the skin out ever so slightly. I do have do go in with a concealer afterwards but I’d rather do that than put a heavy layer of make-up on.

I always have a tube of the L’Occitane Karité Hand Cream in my handbag and cannot say enough good things about it. It’s lightweight yet takes great care of my dry cuticles and hands. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one having dry hands during summer?! The scent is so lovely and clean, an absolute staple!

My favorite summer scent (actually… I’ve been wearing it since march as I couldn’t wait) is Eau des Merveilles by Hermès. It has lovely warm amber tones but is also quite flowery. I know this isn’t the most accurate or picture-drawing description but to me it smells really sophisticated. What a posh beautiful lady would wear. AKA the opposite of me. AKA sure I’ll pretend like I’m Grace Kelly or something! No big deal.


So these are my favorite picks of the month, I’m curious: what has been your most loved product all month? Let me know! Also: extra points if you count the amount of exclamation marks I’ve used throughout this post.