A Lightweight Base for Spring


I’m introducing spring up here on the blog as you might have noticed from my fashion edit, an introduction to my favorite color at the moment and now I’m showing you my current base. I like to keep everything looking super natural, fresh and dewy.

As you might recall from my foundation fails post, I really did not get along with the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation at all, but gave it a second shot about a few weeks ago and have been LOVING it since then. I really don’t know what changed but all of a sudden I really enjoy the light to medium coverage, dewy finish and longevity of this foundation. I like the scent, I like how it doesn’t make my forehead super oily after a long day and I like how it photographs. Ok that’s it – end of rave.

I’ve also really been liking the Instant Age Rewind Concealer by Maybelline lately, the spongey application blends the product super well, and even though it might not be the most hygienic, it really gets the job done. I usually like to apply a little dusting of Rimmel Stay Matte powder just down my T-zone to avoid shininess and then carve out my cheekbones with the Sleek Contour Kit. The Bobbi Brown blusher in Peony you will have seen on this blog about a thousand times but I really like the hint of pink it adds to my cheeks, somehow I feel like that makes my blue eyes pop a bit more?

New to my collection is the Bobbi Brown eyebrow gel that comes with a little wand applicator. I use this in the shade mahogany and let me tell you – this keeps your brows where they’re supposed to be! This is great for setting your brows and coat the single hairs in product, however, if you do have slight irregularities and gaps in your brows you’re gonna wanna use a pencil underneath. After I sadly ran out of my Anastasia Brow Wiz I turned back to my MAC Eyebrow pencil in Fling.

To finish off this natural look, I give my eyelashes about two thin coats of the Maybelline Colossal mascara in dark brown.


What’s your favorite foundation for a light and dewy base? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Review

IMG_9146I have been lusting over this foundation for probably two years now, but never got around to purchase it. Whether that be the limited availability in my hometown or in Amsterdam (aka non-existent?) or the hefty price tag it comes with. For some reason it was never meant to be. One afternoon in the city of Stockholm while innocently browsing the shops I suddenly saw the Armani counter at luxury department store NK and was instantly drawn to it. Obviously. I got shade-matched and then wanted to see the result outside during daylight and am pretty sure the lovely sales assistant was convinced I wouldn’t be coming back. But I marched right back and bought the bottle oh which all skin-dreams are made of!

Now let’s get down to business and talk facts!
The luminous silk foundation is an oil-free fluid featuring “exclusive Micro-fil™ technology” that is meant to leave the skin silky and smooth while remaining weightless. And to be fair, I can completely agree with this claim. I definitely feel like it’s light and good coverage upon application but smoothes out instantly and throughout the day I barely feel like I have anything on my skin. It gives the most gorgeous finish, matte but not like you took a dive into your setting powder of choice and trust me when I say: it does not move.
While I don’t really have much reason to complain about my skin except for the odd spot, most foundations usually rub off of my chin and cheeks throughout the course of the day. Not this one, it doesn’t break down nor rub off! I have neither noticed dry patches nor oily zones, so I would say it’s good for normal to dry skin types.

For the daytime I use one pump on the back of my hand and then apply it with either my Real Techniques Buffing Brush or my hands, depending on whether I want a more natural or even coverage. At night I will use two pumps and use a brush, just to make sure no redness shines through whatsoever. Not that I am hunted down by paparazzi’s all day and this would be a crucial factor, but I enjoy the fact that this does not contain any SPF and thus doesn’t reflect light. So whether you’re preparing for an event or just like the look of a matte complexion: this is your guy!

Determining whether I like a foundation or not is always down to a few key points. These include the correct color match, longevity and scent.
As I have already spoken and given the Luminous Silk a great pass on the first two points I will quickly mention that the scent is quite pleasant as well. It certainly isn’t as intense as the Dior BB Cream and doesn’t linger as long either. This just adds to the feeling of not actually wearing anything on your face throughout the day.

So as you can tell from my little round-up: this foundation is a clear winner in my books. It was definitely worth splurging on and I can recommend everybody to get color matched and see how you like it. With 18 shades to choose from it shouldn’t be too hard to find something close to your skin tone. Next foundation for me to try is the NARS Sheer Glow foundation – what are your experiences with this?


Read here my review on the L’Oréal True Match foundation.

Foundation Fails

IMG_8058I’m a firm believer in saying your base is the most important. You can use the chalkiest shadows, patchiest lipsticks or streakiest bronzers and you’ll still be somewhat saved by a foundation that evens out your complexion and makes you look fresh and glowy. Over time I have tried my fair share of base products and often enough I have been majorly disappointed. On the bright side, I have also found my holy grail through this trial and error, which you have read about here. Back to the fails though. Today I want to talk about why any of these (hugely raved about) products do not work with my skin type and complexion.
In general, some attributes I look for in a good base are: easily blendable, buildable coverage, slightly pink undertones and a neutral to slight scent.

Our first candidate is the Rimmel Match Perfection SPF 18 (€8/30ml). I know there’s a whole lot of people out there cherishing this as their holy grail of drugstore foundations but it just doesn’t work for me at all. While the color itself is a pretty good match for my skin when I don’t have a tan, I don’t get to enjoy that because I can simply not blend this. It shows up patchy and no matter whether I apply it with my Real Techniques buffing brush or a BeautyBlender this foundation doesn’t melt with my skin at all. That way it also really accentuates any fine lines or imperfections I have on my face. I do like the scent a lot though, it’s quite fresh and almost a little bit sweet. Nonetheless, whenever I wear this I have that feeling of wearing foundation all day, like it’s just sitting on my face. Do any of you have any tips on applying this? I’d love to get more use of the product but just don’t know how to cope.

Next up is the Studio Sculpt by MAC SPF 15 (€32/40ml). The list of problems with this one is really the longest out of all shown foundations! The first thing to notice about this is the horrid smell! It smells the same as their concealer, quite dry and chalky (which also applies to the texture) and really lingers on the skin. However, because I only use their concealer sparingly and in certain areas I don’t notice it too much, however, when you’re entire face smells like you rubbed your skin on the board in your primary school it becomes a problem. My second issue is the texture. It’s really thick and heavy and again: doesn’t blend at all! Which is quite the problem as the foundation is too light for me and I look like Casper the friendly ghost. After applying this my face feels rather sticky and paranoid me can really tell how it clogs up all those pores. Again, if anyone knows how to get along with this: please share.

The Fit Me foundation by Maybelline SPF 18 (€10/30ml) is another favorite of many. The promise of adapting to the skin sounds very promising but not when you pick up the wrong shade. In the swatches below you can tell that this is way too orange/brown for me. Other than that I quite like the texture, it’s not too runny nor too thick and blends quite well. I’m not the biggest fan of the smell, it reminds me the typical play-do scent. But because it is quite nice I’m thinking of giving it to someone that has a slightly darker complexion to suit this much better as in general this foundation is quite nice.

Okay, okay, get your laugh on. Sure, keep going. Alright – done now? I have absolutely no idea what went through my head when I picked up the Astor Skin Match care BB cream SPF 25 (€7/30ml), but it must have been something along the lines: YES! This is a correct color match for me and I sure do not look like an Oompa Loompa. Well, trust me I do. I had only put this on in the store and did the stupid mistake of not going outside to check whether the colors actually matched. Guess what, they don’t. One thing I will admit: this has great coverage for a BB cream, which is quite rare. It blends OK, but I might only say that because it just clearly isn’t my shade. The smell is quite refreshing but also very perfume-y, so for those of you sensible to scent this might not be your best bet. One big plus is the texture of this: it’s quite consistent when you get it out of the tube but sinks in really nicely and doesn’t highlight any imperfections. If you can find your right shade this is quite nice to take away to a festival where you wanna put something on that has decent SPF and a good coverage but still feels light on the skin.

The last of the bunch is the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector SPF 20 (10€/40ml) in light for combination to oily skin. I had used the original BB cream for normal skin by Garnier and really enjoyed using that but decided to pick this version up when I was dealing with a really shiny T-zone in the hopes that this would help even everything out. While it did keep the shine at bay it also really dried out the parts of my face that weren’t oily at all, accentuating any dry patches that arose from that. I don’t want to go as far as to saying that this changed the condition of my skin, because I’m sure BB creams don’t have the power to do so, but at least it felt and looked differently. So I decided to stop using this and go back to the original one with a bit of powder down the forehead, nose area and chin. The texture is super thin but still offers a decent amount of coverage, just make sure to be careful when opening the lid as more often than not I have been greeted by a huge blob of product!

swatchesPlease let me know if you have any special techniques in applying these products as I’d gladly give them another shot! Do you have any other foundation fails? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


L’Oréal True Match Foundation Review



I initially purchased the L’Oréal True Match foundation because Amelia Liana stated this was a pretty close dupe to the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. So before splurging on the real deal I firstly wanted to try whether this actually works with my skin and complexion. The True Match foundation comes in a plethora of colors and I find myself to be R2 C2 – Rose Vanilla. The consistency is quite runny and thin but it still provides great coverage. I would say it’s buildable from medium to full coverage and I only need one layer to achieve an even base. It leaves my skin looking dewy and natural, however I do tend to powder my T-zone, otherwise… grease lightening! Not so much the look I’m going for.

The smell is nice and doesn’t linger around for too long, which is always a plus in my books! It comes with a nice pump that is easy to dose and one pump easily covers my entire face. I apply it with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which does the job quite well. It hasn’t broken me out at all and does a small job at protecting my face with an SPF of 17.


Here you can see me with just the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Cream in the first picture. The second picture is with one layer of the true Match foundation and last image is full face.

All in all I cannot say enough good things about this foundation. It’s light on the skin yet covers any irritations and offers great value for the mere price of 12 Euros. Now I do think I’m gonna have to hit up my local Giorgio Armani counter just so see how it compares and whether the Luminous Silk is really all that…


Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your thoughts before handing over my money.