Something With Orange and the New Black…

As the air gets warmer and the sun shines brighter I’ve noticed I’ve been gravitating towards lighter colors both in my wardrobe, as well as in my make-up stash.

Here’s three of my current faves all in a suspiciously similar shade of pale tangerine. You’ve seen the Sephora blush in Orange Pop, as well as the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 02 about a million times on here, so no surprises there. What’s new though is Essie’s Resort Fling that a cute little easter bunny (hi mami) snuck into my egg basket.


What’s your favourite color of the moment, and any more spring-y nail polish shades I should add to my collection?

The Lip Product Addict Tag

IMG_9149Here it is! The Lip Product Addict Tag – after receiving the odd comment about my preference for bold lipsticks I was thinking of writing a blog post on my favorite bright lippies but then thought why not combine it with the lipstick tag that Lily Pebbles created a while back? So there you have it, my favorite bunch lip products. I am tagging Millie C, Diana from Cardiff Beauty Blog and Abbie Jane from Alvissia.

One: What is your favorite balm or treatment?
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip perfector – 01 Rose Shimmer

I’ve only bought this a few months back but have already declared it as my holy grail of lip products. It isn’t too glossy, but not matte either, provides moisture for hours even after the actual balm has worn off and leaves my lips super soft. I own two shades of these and while they only give the slightest bit of color I love them both and always carry one in my handbag.

Two: What is your favourite eye catching red?
Sephora Cream Lip Stain 01 – Always Red

This had made its fair appearance on the blog before as well, and for a good reason. It’s the most gorgeous bright red that has a lot of dimension despite being an ultra matte formula. This will not budge on you no matter what and stays on a good couple of hours before showing sign of wear. I believe this shade suits absolutely everybody and if you’re in the market for a new red: try this!

Three: The best luxury and drugstore product?
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Red Square / Rimmel Kate – 107

The luxury one for me was quite hard to determine because I don’t really own many high-end lip products. So for me at this point it would probably be the NARS Velvet Matte Pencil in Red Square. It glides on very easily and isn’t too drying on the lips either. However, like I said, it’s not my absolute favourite (I’m quite sure I would like the Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose, but that’s for another story).
As for drugstore I definitely get most wear out of the Rimmel Kate lipstick in the shade 107. A gorgeous color that can be layered to create a deep opaque red or lightly dabbed on for a just-bitten kinda look. This one I will probably repurchase for ever and ever!

Four: Best MAC lipstick?
Plumful – Lustre

For me that is plumful, without a doubt. It’s the shade I get most wear out of. It’s a lustre finish so again, great for layering but also super pretty in just a thin swipe. This is one of the few products, which I could apply in the dark and be sure that it looks good!

Five: Most disappointing product?
Revlon ColorStay – Shanghai Sizzle

Excuse the lack of image but as I found this quite disappointing I left it at home when I moved to Stockholm. I am talking about the Revlon ColorBurst lip laquers and mine is in the shade Shanghai Sizzle, a bright orange-y toned red. I remember Fleur raved about this but I found the application to be quite streaky and hard to work with. I’ll give it another go next year but so far: not impressed.

Six: Lip Liner: Yes or No?

The fact that I brought exactly one lip liner for my 6 months stay says it all I assume. I never use lip liner except for when I am donning a deep burgundy red. With darker colors I am usually a bit more careful, but I do actually really wanna get my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in …

Seven: Favourite gloss?

None, to be honest. I just really don’t like the sticky feeling and that Clarins Lip Perfector I talked about is the closest I will get to using a gloss in the near future, trust me. Maybe it’s the impracticality of having to get your hair off of your lips or the fact that I just much prefer a matte lip, but glosses and I really do not get along.

Eight: Something else?

Here is a product that I love and hate at the same time. The P2 couture lip polish stain in 045 – professional attitude is the perfect mauve-y color that makes my lips look natural yet better. If only they changed the formula, because even though it says it’s a stain – let me tell you it is not. This rubs off very fast! Too bad, cause I really like the product.



Blue Eyeliner

IMG_9096As you can tell from pretty much all of the beauty looks I have shared on my blog, I’m don’t normally experiment too much in terms of funky eyeshadows or unexpected lips. I pretty much stick to a natural eye and a bold lip whenever I feel adventurous. I know, super lame!
But a few weeks back Estée from Essiebutton posted a look she created using a navy blue eyeliner and that sounded really interesting to me. She has, like me, blue eyes, and with the help of that thin blue line they popped even more! So obviously I was intrigued and stormed straight off to my closest drugstore to find something similar. I ended up with a Limited Edition product by P2, but Essie recommends the Stila liner.

Apart from that I kept my face really neutral, as always, and just applied a bit of a nude lip. For foundation I used my beloved Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation in shade 4, one pump gives my face an even appearance without looking too done. In order to make the eye really pop I tried to cover up any darkness under my eyes as good as possible for a fresh and awake look. For that I applied a mixture of my NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla and MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer in NW20. Then onto the brows, I have talked about the Catrice Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadow in the shade Starlight Expresso before which is a dupe for MAC’s Copperplate and I like to fill in my eyebrows with. I have been told that for blonde eyebrows a grey shade often works better than blonde-labelled brow pencils as they are often too red- or yellow based. And I do find the result to be looking quite natural and not grey at all. On my lashes, as always, the In Extreme Dimension mascara by MAC.

Onto the cheeks I used my trusty Bobbi Brown blusher in Peony and gave my face a little depth by contouring and highlighting with the Sleek Contour Kit in light.

Lastly I applied the Clarins Instant Lip Perfector in the nude shade 06 – rosewood shimmer. I absolutely adore this product, it makes the lips super smooth even hours after application and gives a nice shine without looking too glossy.


Have you tried colored eyeliner? What are your go-to tips in terms of branching out of your make-up comfort zone?

Handbag Beauty Picks

IMG_8808On a daily basis I’m not one to carry around my make-up stash and touch up every hour. In fact I’m not too fussed about getting a little shiny or losing the curl of my lashes. Therefore my portable beauty bag is rather slim and compact – easy to throw in in pretty much any sized handbag! Today I’m spilling the beans on what makes the cut and is classified ‘essential’ to bring every day.

First up we have my favorite hand cream of all times: the L’Occitane Hand Cream. Funny anecdote: when I found out that the room I am moving to in Stockholm has it’s own bathroom I was most thrilled about being able to leave a tube of this next to the sink for me, and me only, to use after I wash my hands. I am sad. But also just a huge fan of this hand cream! It’s super moisturizing, smells amazing and a little really goes a long way. Also extra plus: it sinks in super fast!

On the topic of hands, I also always carry a little container of hand sanitizer. Public transport isn’t exactly the most hygienic way of traveling around and so I like to make sure my hands are gem free as soon as I get the chance. This Soap & Glory Hand Food one I picked up in London and it’s scented in their Original Pink fragrance which reminds me of Miss Dior Chérie, which I used to love!

Next up I always have either the shade 01 or 06 of the Clarins Instant Lip Perfector in my purse. They are easy to apply without a mirror, give a little bit of a tint and mega moisture! Honestly, my lips feel super soft and nourished whenever I apply this, it has definitely become my holy grail of lip care. Shade 01 is a rosy pink that brings out my blue eyes whereas 06 is a nude that goes with absolutely anything!

For any make-up accidents, sudden spots and emergency cover-ups I always keep the Mac Studio Finish Concealer on hand. I don’t use this often and don’t really like to apply it with my hands as the product in the container gets a little grubby after a while, but it does a nice job at concealing any unwanted areas on my face.

I also carry around a miniature brush, which I have never used to this date, but the mirror inside is quite handy for subtle on-desk checks while hiding behind my computer screen. A tampon for emergencies, and last but not least, I always have a hair clip attached to the handle of my bag for when I want my hair out of my face. Absolute savior this one!


So this is it, here you have it. Not much, but certainly enough to get me through the day. What are your bag beauty essentials? Anything I NEED to add?


High End Back to School Look: Collaboration with Vittoria Anna

IMG_8568Hello there! So when the lovely Vittoria Anna approached me the other day asking whether I wanted to take part in a back to school collaboration I was instantly intrigued! As you might know I’ve graduated high school two years ago and am now in my third year of uni but I think this is a very universal neutral look that can be worn to any ‘Back to …’ occasion. So whether you’re wanting to switch things up slightly for your first day back at high school, university or work, a natural glowy look is definitely your way to go!
On my blog you’ll see the high-end edit and over on Vittoria Anna’s blog you will find a drugstore option. Doesn’t she look like a million bucks?

imagePlease go check it out and leave her a nice comment! Anyway, on to a quick overview of what products I used. Most of these shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as I’ve been using them religiously and mentioned them a lot on here before.

IMG_8534In terms of the base I went for a light moisturizing BB cream, this one is the Diorskin BB Cream in shade 002. The darker under eye area and any blemishes were covered up with the NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. This stuff is soooo good! You’ll have seen a closer comparison of all my favorite concealers on friday, but catch up on it right here. This was set with my MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30. I got this slightly darker than my usual shade but as the name suggests it’s quite sheer and a light swipe over the T-zone will keep you from looking greasy throughout the day. Which isn’t very unlikely if you’re carrying books around or running for the bus in the morning, yes we’ve all been there!

I did a slight contour with my Sleek Contour Kit in Light, just under the cheekbones and around my forehead to give my face a bit more dimension and I admit: to look slightly more tan. Yup, that sun never really reached me this summer. Boo! On the cheeks a light dust of Bobbi Brown’s Peony Blush and a little bit of the highlighting shade of the Contour Kit on the highest points of my face and the base is done.

I like to work in layers, so next up are my brows. I don’t know how I could possibly have forgotten about MAC’s brow pencil in Fling. It’s the perfect shade and applies beautifully. Not too hard, not too soft and it stays put all day without having to set it with brow gel. Amazing stuff, lemme tell you!
Before applying two coats of waterproof mascara, this is the Lancôme Hypnôse Drama one, I applied a couple shades from my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette onto the lids. Here’s the quick run down:

IMG_8542I applied a mixture of strange (very left) and limit (forth from left) all over the lid to even out the skin and give a light wash of color. Then I applied nooner (that middle matte taupe shade) in the crease to give some dimension and blend it well out. Lastly, to achieve a little bit of a darker outer corner I intensified the look with a bit of mugshot (third one from right). This one I also ran along the lower lash line to achieve the illusion of fuller lashes.

Finish everything off with a swipe of MAC’s Shanghai Spice Cremesheen Lipstick and a tiny bit of Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in the shade 01 – rose shimmer. And that is all!

IMG_8575 I hope you enjoyed this look and head on over to see the drugstore version by Vittoria Anna. Thanks a lot for reading! This collaboration was a lot of fun – if you have any ideas for upcoming collaborations please don’t hesitate to drop me a mail at