Fall Face

IMG_3764Guys, autumn is upon us: the days get shorter, temperatures are sinking and the chance of rain on a normal day is rather high. While I’ve already adapted clothing-wise towards the colder days about a month ago, I’m only now beginning to also play around with make-up again. If you read my current favorites post, you’ll know exactly what I’ll be wearing in this look today. A dewy base with bronzed up skin and a nice bronze lid. I somehow forgot to apply anything to my lips, but this look goes well with a deep burgundy or even a bright red. And a nude… Well, it’s a basic look, can we all agree on that?IMG_3719I bought MAC’s Amber Lights last week online and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail, but I have a feeling that that shadow is going to make it into my next month’s favorites. Gotta love a good coppery shade! Do you have any other eyeshadow recommendations that go into the orangey/copper direction and have a little shimmer to them? I’d love to try out a few variations.


What’s your go-to fall look, I’d love to know. Please share in the comments!

Lots of love, Maja

Current Favorites: Beauty Edit

IMG_3675Fast forward to autumn, it’s been a while since my last post! I thought it would be easiest to fill you in piece by piece about what has been going on in these last months and so today I’m sharing my current beauty favorites all with a little story behind it.

IMG_3678The Chanel Lumière d’été is from this years spring collection and probably the most gorgeous piece of make-up that I own. I had never really noticed it in stores, but when I saw it at the aiport on my way to Italy I had to have it. Must’ve been fate that there was only one left! The signature camellia is embossed into the finely milled powder and so far seems pretty sturdy in terms of wear. It’s quite light and not really a highlighting powder as the name suggests, but more of a bronzer for fair skinned people.

IMG_3680The NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is an Italian purchase, while I was in Florence. I’ve been wanting to find a nice light-weight alternative that gives decent coverage for the summer months when all my other foundations are a bit too light. Little did I know that this summer I’d stay the ghost I am throughout the winter months and the shade ‘Alaska’ is already too dark for me. Oh well, next year we’ll try again with that tanning thing, shall we?

I’ve been back in Amsterdam since the end of August to continue my studies and while perusing the streets with my friend we came across an offer at a store where they at 40% off all mascaras. Since I was in need of a new one anyway, this obviously didn’t leave me thinking. I’ve gone for the waterproof formula of the Le Volume mascara in brown. Couple of things to be noted: my lashes just don’t hold the curl – they’re not short, but seem because by the end of the day they just lie flat. This mascara does everything and more in keeping up the curl and staying in place all day. And big plus: since the weather situation in Amsterdam has been rather rainy, this mascara prevents streaks of dark under my eyes!

One pricey purchase from a while ago was the Parsley Anti Oxidant Serum by Aesop. They’ve quickly become my favorite brand and I’m thinking of doing a brand-focused post in the near future, would you like to read that? I find this to be perfect for the summer months, however will have to combine it with a bit moisturizer from now on, to keep my skin nourished and protected for the colder days.

Lastly, I’ve been all about the coppery-bronzey eyeshadow shades these days and the Maybelline Color Tattoo’s stay in place all day. The one I’ve been using the most is On and On Bronze and goes with everything. I love how it makes my blue eyes stand out even more!

Please let me know what your current favorites are, and what you’ve been up to this summer.

Lots of love, Maja

Subtle Festive Make-Up


The season of festivities and parties is upon us and while everybody seems to be whipping out a bold, sparkly make-up look I thought I’d go a bit more subtle. My grandma generally likes to point out how much nicer we all look when make-up is kept to a minimum and the natural beauty shows through (her words, not mine), so whenever we have family gatherings I keep it quite simple. Also, previously mentioned friend Emma requested a look for Hanukkah and I thought out of respect for religious traditions let’s skip the bold lips.

On my face I applied the Chanel Vitalumière Acqua, probably my most lightweight foundation that still evens out the skin tone quite beautifully. I use the shade B10. Then I used some NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla under my eyes, the nose and any blemishes around my chin. I filled in my eyebrows using my Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe, did a light contour with my Contour Kit by Sleek in Light and applied some of the Bobbi Brown Peony blush that seems to have been discontinued. That’s all for the base!

On the eyes I used, again, my trusty Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I always like to go in with a matte shadow first before applying any glitter, so I went for a light wash of limit all over the mobile lid and the tiniest bit of nooner in the outer corner. Then I packed on burnout in the middle, buzz on the outer corner and dust as an inner corner highlight and voila! I used my L’Oréal Super Liner to draw a fine eyeliner, this stuff is seriously the most amazing liner I have ever tried, it simply does not move, no matter how much you’re rubbing your eyes. Give your lashes a few coats of mascara, I used an Artdeco sample that I have to say I’m not too impressed with and you’re ready to go.


October Favorites

IMG_9647That time has come yet again, folks, the month is over and so a little recap of my favorites is due. October was an eventful month for me: with travels to Estonia and Helsinki, moving places, an exciting decision regarding my nearer future, and testing a couple new products. This month also marked more or less half-time at my current internship and that means it’s only 47 more days until I get to see my family again (yes, I do count the days). With a couple up’s and down’s generally it’s been a very good month and I have discovered quite a few favorite things from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle department which I am sharing with you now.

IMG_9655Essie Midnight Cami
You will have read the review on this this week on here, but in case you missed it – here‘s the link again. This has been on my nails ever since I got it, it lasts a good five days on me before it chips and I really like how it looks dark but has a slight shimmer and depth to it.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
I picked this up when I travelled to Tallinn as I had a voucher to be used on the cruise AND everything was duty free. So this was an absolute steal! Recommended by Vivianna Does Makeup (love this girl!) I had to try it out. It’s the perfect lightweight base when you just want a slight coverage without looking like you’re wearing anything.

IMG_9656Naked 3 palette
Normally I am not much of an eye-shadow person but this month I made use of my Naked 3 palette again and really liked putting ‘trick’ all over my lid and defining the my crease with a light sweep of ‘factory’. I quite liked the orange undertones in harmony with my blue eyes, made them pop a bit more on days where I felt especially tired.

Origins Spot Treatment
In the middle of the month I had a really annoying break-out that I think was due to stress. Especially my chin and around the nose little under the skin bumps just kept on coming! After reading Alice‘s post on how she fights break-outs I went and got this little fella. And what can I say, my skin looks all clear again! Will definitely be keeping this on hand whenever my skin is acting up again.

IMG_9661Topshop Slip-Ons
This has actually been a favorite of mine since September. For the past two months I have barely taken off these shoes and they are so comfortable it is ridiculous. I wear them with blue jeans, suit pants and black trousers. I feel like they just go with everything, giving a very relaxed and comfortable yet still super stylish element to each outfit.

IMG_9663Zara Hat
Slowly but surely temperatures are dropping and I notice myself grabbing a hat on my way to work more often. I picked this up in Helsinki where it was even colder than here and for a super reasonable price it definitely is worth it. I only own a grey hat and that doesn’t really go with my camel scarf most days so I am glad to have this addition in my closet.

Project Runway
I’ve watched the entire season but this month the season finale finally aired and I felt so excited for all of the contestants. Shaun has been a favorite of mine ever since the beginning but I would also wear every single item from Amanda’s collection, so for me I was a bit indecisive of who I wanted to win. I’m happy with the judge’s choice though!

SoMo – Ride
Sooo this is quite a sexy song… I really like the Spotify Browse section and when this came up randomly I immediately added it to my playlist. His voice though.

Graphic Posters
When I moved places in the beginning of this month my room felt super sterile and empty. To make it a bit more me I started picking up a few posters here and there and have now successfully turned my room into something that feels a bit more me. (Pictures coming soon!)

Fuss Free Make-Up: Travel Edition

IMG_9486I’ve mentioned about a gazillion time on here how much I am obsessed with Stockholm, yet I still did a fair bit of traveling recently. For a very fair price cruise ships offer weekend trips to many different cities and so my friends and I spent the past two weekends in Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. The experience was a lot of fun, you travel overnight, spend the day in the city and travel back to Stockholm overnight again. You can imagine very light packing was required as I did not want to drag around a heavy suitcase all day, not that that would’ve been necessary anyways.

So here you have a little overview of what products I decided to pack. For a long day out I didn’t want a heavy face of make-up and so light- and naturalness were the keywords I worked with. I also kept in mind that glass bottles might break and big containers are rather unpleasant to carry around.
For the base I went with Chanel’s Vitalumière Aqua, a very thin and light coverage foundation that let’s the natural skin shine through and looks very natural (I’m the shade B10 if anyone cares). As I anticipated short nights I opted for the NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, a medium to high coverage product that cancels out dark circles and red spots right away. As this can crease on my I set it in place with a bit of Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder in transparent.
For some general contour on my face I used the Sleek Contour Kit as always, in the shade Light, and then applied a tiny bit of Bobbi Brown’s Peony blusher. I filled in my eyebrows with MAC’s eyebrow pencil in Fling and applied a light coat of MAC’s In Extreme Dimension mascara and that is it.

A very light and natural face that doesn’t take up too much space in the packing process. What are your go-to products when it comes to packing light? Anything that I missed?