Home Decoration Update

IMG_9914As a quick Monday’s post I wanted to share some corners of my relatively new apartment. I have been living here for just over a month and picked up a few bits and pieces to make these four walls feel a bit more homely. I’ve never been much of a candles person but recently I’ve really enjoyed how they create such a warm atmosphere. Also, can you sense the rose-gold trend? Thought I was over that but recently it hit me again and I’m back embracing the copper shade in full force. Have a great Monday!



The Day After: How I Cure Hangovers

87230b4af2666e8446ab10761ef7dbf0Did you celebrate Halloween or was it just a regular friday night out? Either way, I am sure one or the other is feeling rather not so splendid this morning (including myself) so I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks that I like to do to get over my hangovers as fast as possible.
I generally don’t drink much, which is why when I do, I’m a pretty cheap drunk and my tolerance is pretty low. I guess there is worse things in life, and I’m actually considering to stop drinking alcohol completely. But that’s a great New Year’s Resolution and we will see how and if at all that works out in a few months.

First up: Drink up.
Water that is, or if you’re brave enough: down another beer and you should be back on your level and can postpone the hangover for a few hours.
Place a bottle of water right next to your bed before going out and try to remember to take a few big sips before you fall asleep. Drinking water before going to bed makes a huge difference when you wake up, trust me.

Be active.
I know, moving around is the last thing you feel like doing but fresh air and a bit of action will do wonders at clearing up your head. You don’t have to go for a jog, a nice walk will do. Maybe whilst you’re out and about grab lunch, but don’t give in to the temptation of greasy food, this will actually make it harder for your body to break the alcohol down.

Chill out.
Now after you’ve hydrated your body again, gotten some fresh air and something semi-healthy to eat here comes my favorite part. Cozy up in your sweats and binge-watch your favorite show. I think today I am going for Modern Family. The episodes are short and sweet and napping in between is definitely excused. Now could also be the time to order that pizza, if you’re still craving it. (Dialing up Domino’s as we speak…)


Do you have any more effective cures? Please tweet me @heymajaestelle or leave a comment. Highly appreciated!

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Favorite YouTubers: Lifestyle Edit

I just love a good YouTube session. When I’m bored, while I get ready or to fall asleep to. Apart from beauty and fashion videos I also really enjoy anything that is related to lifestyle, for instance cooking, diy’s or even music. So following the past friday’s post theme today I will introduce you to my favorite all-rounder YouTube channels. Please leave any suggestions in the comments below, or if you have your own YouTube channel I would love to check that out as well!


Their content is very varied and always impeccably executed. From fancy dress settings to quirky DIY’s and fun recipes: I love watching their videos for not only what they talk about, but also for the nice quality and innovative ideas. It is all very stylized and enjoyable to look at.

Green Kitchen Stories

So it’s no secret I’m head over heels for Sweden. Before moving here I watched their videos over and over again, not just because of the amazing delicious recipes that are all vegan, but also for the lovely swedish accent. I’ve recreated the pea soup and loved it! Definitely try their easy yet super tasty recipes.


My favorite music channel on YouTube by far! Even though I also really like Majestic Casual. They produce lots of remixes of known and not so known songs that all have a rather chilled electro vibe to them. Easy listenings throughout the day when you want to zone out and dream away.


These two girls just always put a smile to my face. They’re so fun and almost pin-up like. Working in the interior design industry they have recently redone Ingrid’s (MissGlamorazzi) apartment and I want to move in right away! Their style is really bright and colorful yet never overdone. Totally up my alley!


Relationship goals right there. Jesse and Jeana just love to prank their better half, and usually tape it for the viewer’s amusement. Not gonna lie, I’ve binge watched their videos hours and hours on end before. And many had me LOL’ing out loud!


Did you know any of these? And if not, please let me know what you think!

Weekly round-up #2

Here’s another little round-up of my past week following my Scandinavian adventures as a fashion intern. Catch up on last weeks round-up right here471319c3f906cd41e969e90ebd46e6d4

Starting top left to bottom right:
The week kicked off with a fun shooting we had with the lead singer of the band Savages, Jehnny Beth. She’s super pretty and everything went really well, but obviously I was most excited to take a little peek into the make-up artist’s beauty bag. Foundation wise she used a mix of MAC’s Face and Body and the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk bases, which worked great due to the fact that neither contain an SPF.

A quick outfit shot featuring my H&M velour leather slip-ons, an old blouse from Dutch department store De Bijenkorf, plain black trousers by H&M and a knee-length cardigan by Cubus. I’ve loved this combination for the current weather where it’s quite chilly in the mornings but warms up nicely during lunch hours.

I just really cannot get over how gorgeous this city is!The architecture, the details, how everything looks stunning against the blue skies we’ve had for the past weeks. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of the beauty Stockholm comprises.

Here you have a little sneak peek at Wednesday’s post: I played a little bit with make-up and this is what I ended up with on my face. If you’re interested in the products I used, stay tuned!

Another city shot, they just are too pretty not to be featured. This one was taken on my way to the Museum of Modern Arts on the island Skeppsholmen. I walked over the bridge connecting it to the heart of Stockholm and just when I was halfway through the perfect image composed: A crown on the bridge, afternoon lighting, the beautiful houses in the back and a little tourist boat. It almost looks like its painted, don’t you think?

Mentioned museum was really nice! I initially only went there to buy one of the famous Warhol prints as they are exclusive to sale in the museum shop, but then thought it was a bit disgraceful not to visit the museum itself as well. The main exhibition was on Nils Dardel, a swedish expressionist from the 19th century.

On sunday a couple of friends and I took advantage of the amazing weather and went to a flea market located right at one of the beaches of Stockholm. I didn’t buy anything but it was a nice atmosphere and lots of young and hip people.

Actually when I said I didn’t buy anything I lied. This wrap from a food truck was DELICIOUS! Especially the coriander dip that neutralized the spiciness of the Chicken Tikka – wish I could get this in the shops. Yum yum yummmm!

Since moving here I have made it a Sunday ritual to apply a face mask and then catch up on my favorite YouTubers with a nice cuppa.


What is your sunday ritual and what are you looking forward to do this week?