Current Favorites: Beauty Edit

IMG_3675Fast forward to autumn, it’s been a while since my last post! I thought it would be easiest to fill you in piece by piece about what has been going on in these last months and so today I’m sharing my current beauty favorites all with a little story behind it.

IMG_3678The Chanel Lumière d’été is from this years spring collection and probably the most gorgeous piece of make-up that I own. I had never really noticed it in stores, but when I saw it at the aiport on my way to Italy I had to have it. Must’ve been fate that there was only one left! The signature camellia is embossed into the finely milled powder and so far seems pretty sturdy in terms of wear. It’s quite light and not really a highlighting powder as the name suggests, but more of a bronzer for fair skinned people.

IMG_3680The NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is an Italian purchase, while I was in Florence. I’ve been wanting to find a nice light-weight alternative that gives decent coverage for the summer months when all my other foundations are a bit too light. Little did I know that this summer I’d stay the ghost I am throughout the winter months and the shade ‘Alaska’ is already too dark for me. Oh well, next year we’ll try again with that tanning thing, shall we?

I’ve been back in Amsterdam since the end of August to continue my studies and while perusing the streets with my friend we came across an offer at a store where they at 40% off all mascaras. Since I was in need of a new one anyway, this obviously didn’t leave me thinking. I’ve gone for the waterproof formula of the Le Volume mascara in brown. Couple of things to be noted: my lashes just don’t hold the curl – they’re not short, but seem because by the end of the day they just lie flat. This mascara does everything and more in keeping up the curl and staying in place all day. And big plus: since the weather situation in Amsterdam has been rather rainy, this mascara prevents streaks of dark under my eyes!

One pricey purchase from a while ago was the Parsley Anti Oxidant Serum by Aesop. They’ve quickly become my favorite brand and I’m thinking of doing a brand-focused post in the near future, would you like to read that? I find this to be perfect for the summer months, however will have to combine it with a bit moisturizer from now on, to keep my skin nourished and protected for the colder days.

Lastly, I’ve been all about the coppery-bronzey eyeshadow shades these days and the Maybelline Color Tattoo’s stay in place all day. The one I’ve been using the most is On and On Bronze and goes with everything. I love how it makes my blue eyes stand out even more!

Please let me know what your current favorites are, and what you’ve been up to this summer.

Lots of love, Maja

October Favorites

IMG_9647That time has come yet again, folks, the month is over and so a little recap of my favorites is due. October was an eventful month for me: with travels to Estonia and Helsinki, moving places, an exciting decision regarding my nearer future, and testing a couple new products. This month also marked more or less half-time at my current internship and that means it’s only 47 more days until I get to see my family again (yes, I do count the days). With a couple up’s and down’s generally it’s been a very good month and I have discovered quite a few favorite things from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle department which I am sharing with you now.

IMG_9655Essie Midnight Cami
You will have read the review on this this week on here, but in case you missed it – here‘s the link again. This has been on my nails ever since I got it, it lasts a good five days on me before it chips and I really like how it looks dark but has a slight shimmer and depth to it.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
I picked this up when I travelled to Tallinn as I had a voucher to be used on the cruise AND everything was duty free. So this was an absolute steal! Recommended by Vivianna Does Makeup (love this girl!) I had to try it out. It’s the perfect lightweight base when you just want a slight coverage without looking like you’re wearing anything.

IMG_9656Naked 3 palette
Normally I am not much of an eye-shadow person but this month I made use of my Naked 3 palette again and really liked putting ‘trick’ all over my lid and defining the my crease with a light sweep of ‘factory’. I quite liked the orange undertones in harmony with my blue eyes, made them pop a bit more on days where I felt especially tired.

Origins Spot Treatment
In the middle of the month I had a really annoying break-out that I think was due to stress. Especially my chin and around the nose little under the skin bumps just kept on coming! After reading Alice‘s post on how she fights break-outs I went and got this little fella. And what can I say, my skin looks all clear again! Will definitely be keeping this on hand whenever my skin is acting up again.

IMG_9661Topshop Slip-Ons
This has actually been a favorite of mine since September. For the past two months I have barely taken off these shoes and they are so comfortable it is ridiculous. I wear them with blue jeans, suit pants and black trousers. I feel like they just go with everything, giving a very relaxed and comfortable yet still super stylish element to each outfit.

IMG_9663Zara Hat
Slowly but surely temperatures are dropping and I notice myself grabbing a hat on my way to work more often. I picked this up in Helsinki where it was even colder than here and for a super reasonable price it definitely is worth it. I only own a grey hat and that doesn’t really go with my camel scarf most days so I am glad to have this addition in my closet.

Project Runway
I’ve watched the entire season but this month the season finale finally aired and I felt so excited for all of the contestants. Shaun has been a favorite of mine ever since the beginning but I would also wear every single item from Amanda’s collection, so for me I was a bit indecisive of who I wanted to win. I’m happy with the judge’s choice though!

SoMo – Ride
Sooo this is quite a sexy song… I really like the Spotify Browse section and when this came up randomly I immediately added it to my playlist. His voice though.

Graphic Posters
When I moved places in the beginning of this month my room felt super sterile and empty. To make it a bit more me I started picking up a few posters here and there and have now successfully turned my room into something that feels a bit more me. (Pictures coming soon!)

September Favorites


I know I am super late to the party but life has been so busy recently and the lack of daylight after I get home from work made it rather impossible to shoot nice pictures. But enough of the excuses, today I present to you my favorite products from the month of September! September is usually my favorite month: gorgeous sunlight, leaves turning orange, perfect temperatures and of course, my birthday. You will have seen my birthday make-up here if you are interested! So apart from these products, of course, the whole month has been a favorite!

Rituals – Zensation Foaming Shower Gel 
This smells divine! The organic rice milk and cherry blossom combination is luxurious, foams up gently under the shower and an absolute treat. One of my best friends gave this to me for my birthday and I have been loving this as a my special sunday shower gel, making me feel relaxed to ensure a good night rest. It makes a great gift (duh) and is an absolute recommendation!

The Body Shop  – Body Butter
Another gift from previously mentioned friend. A detailed post on this is coming your way this week, but I wanted to introduce it on the blog here already as well. Those Body Butters are so rich and creamy in texture, making the skin feel lovely soft and moisturized even days after applying it. I don’t really like any other scents at the Body Shop apart from this as they’re mostly too sweet for my liking, but this Olive version makes me feel and smell clean, just what I want. I apply this at night and let it sink in over night but it also works if you apply a thin layer after your morning shower.

Zara Handsoap – Ginger Lily
Probably THE best attribute of my new room is the own bathroom that comes with it. Even before I had moved in I already rushed to Zara to buy myself a lovely soap which nobody but me would use. I know I’m quite strange when it comes to that department but these kinds of products and rituals just give me so much satisfaction that I like to embrace them. This smell is lovely and lingers around for quite a bit. It’s flowery and sweet, but not overly overpowering.

The Body Shop – Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil
As the temperatures are dropping my skin is getting drier by the day. I have pretty normal skin but in the past years I have noticed to get really dry and flaky patches around my forehead and cheeks so I am currently preventing that from happening by applying this as my last step in my nighttime skincare routine. It is very moisturizing, smells lovely and doesn’t make my face feel too greasy. It is completely absorbed by the skin by the next morning and I am currently crossing my fingers that there won’t be any dry patches in the weeks to come!

L’Occitane – 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream
This is hands down the best hand cream I have ever tried! The smell is super nice, again slightly powdery yet still fresh and subtle. It sinks in super fast and provides good moisture throughout the day. I get quite dry hands in the colder months, causing the skin on my fingers to crack (I know, not a pretty sight!) and this really does a good job at keeping those areas more or less soft. I will probably repurchase this hand cream over and over again and was so incredibly happy when my godaunt gifted me the full size version for my birthday.

Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation
If you’re looking for a full review on this product click here, but in short: I’ve been using this foundation most mornings during the month of September and loved it! The finish is gorgeous, a matte yet still radiant look and has great longevity. Sometimes I look into the mirror at 4 at work and am surprised as to how good this still holds up. No show of wear and nothing has come off. Definitely a new holy grail product in my make-up stash!

Bobbi Brown – Peony Blush
While throughout summer I enjoyed using my Sephora Blush in Orange Pop I noticed myself reaching for this pink shade more often throughout September. It’s a really pretty pink that is highly pigmented so you’re gonna wanna go in rather lightly handed! I think it really compliments blue eyes and blonde hair without creating that stereotypical Barbie reference. I am almost hitting pan and when I run out of this I will definitely be repurchasing it!


Now on to you, what have been your favorite products for the month of September? Please share your products or leave me links to your posts, I am always curious to try out new things!

Fall Fashion Favorites


This is a bit of a cop out, I know. Anyone that knows me will know that this combination up here is a typical Maja look. While you’re probably picturing all shades of forest green, burgundy red and honey gold when thinking of the fall season, I just feel more comfortable in my trusty dark shades. What’s definitely new to me though is navy! I’ve been told before that navy goes well with blonde hair and blue eyes, and you’ll have seen me play with navy eyeliner here, yet up to this year I didn’t venture into that color spectrum within the fashion department at all really.

Browsing through Zara the other day I came across this dark blue cashmere sweater that is literally the softest thing in the world and instantly fell in love. Darn you, Sweden for your ridiculous mark-ups, otherwise this baby would’ve been mine without giving it a second thought right away. But good news: I’ll be visiting Tallinn, Estonia this upcoming weekend and will make sure to take this home with me.

Our office isn’t heated yet and a big scarf that can double up as blanket is a definite winner in my books! This, again, Cashmere version comes from Acne and has been sitting on top of my wish list for the longest time. I do have a feeling we’ll become friends not too far into the future and am already looking forward to cozying up in this.

A plain white shirt. What else is there to say? I go through these like I go through skinny black pants, but they’re just so effortless and easy to throw on. Throw a cardigan or sweater on top, slip into comfy shoes and say good-bye to the secretary look and bonjour to classic comfort. This Muji version is made from cotton and allows your skin to breathe underneath all those layers in the winter.

My first reaction to these shoes was a little bit mixed. To me they look like the hyped Eytys sneakers and Isabel Marant Nowles boots had a baby and this is what Zara came up with. I haven’t tried them on, and in terms of white sole+ black leather they are quite similar to my slip-ons, but for some reason I can’t get them out of my head. What do you think?

Especially now that I am sitting most of the day in front of my desk,  I appreciate the comfort of a loose fitting pant. Again, keywords here are effortlessly stylish which is exactly my kinda cup of tea. I’m not sure how flattering this leather version is on any other size than a 34, but there’s no harm in trying.

Even though I am wearing only silver and rose gold on my wrists at the moment I am very very attracted to these gold pieces by Jane Køning, a danish jewelry designer. That cuff looks just like a screw and how cool is this two-piece earring? If anybody feels like treating me to a jewelry upgrade: you know where to find me!

Last but not least: another untypical choice for me. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to the nail polish department but this Blue Satin shade by Chanel definitely tickles my fancy! From far away it looks almost black but when the light catches it it gives a nice shine and reflection. A nice alternative to your standard black.


So these are my current obsessions, I’m curious as to what you’re craving for fall? And please don’t forget to let me know what you think of those shoes!

August Favorites

IMG_8601This month was quite a busy one: I’ve travelled to London, went to a festival (1 / 2)and then moved to Stockholm. On the favorites front I’ve loved using the combination of the Diorskin Nude BB cream in 002 and the NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. These two product create a perfect light but even skin base. I’ve also rediscovered the MAC eyebrow pencil in fling which is just the perfect shade for my eyebrows. On my lips I’ve been sporting Rimmel’s In Love With Ginger, a bright orange-y red tone which enhances the slightest bit of a tan that I have managed to get. Other than that I haven’t really been loyal to any other product in the beauty department, most of it was on heavy rotation.

IMG_8607A duo that I bought in London are the Soap & Glory Foam Call and the Righteous Body Butter. I usually prefer showering at night and going to bed all cozy and lathered up in body lotion, but with this combo I’ve made an exception and switched my daily shower to the mornings. I’ve noticed I don’t even need perfume when applying the body butter as I notice a lingering sweet smell all day on my skin. If you’re a fan of Miss Dior Chérie you’ll love this, however, if that scent is too sugary for your likings you might want to give this a pass.

IMG_8630On a fashion-y note I’ve been wearing this H&M hat most days – the brim has the perfect width and it kept my hair and face from being rained on (not so much summer in Germany anymore..).

IMG_8637I’ve also gotten back into drinking more tea, especially Earl Grey with a tiny bit of milk. The smell and taste of this instantly relaxes me and gives me a warm, cozy feeling. I’ve especially enjoyed this on those rainy afternoons I just mentioned, cuddled up in a blanket watching YouTube videos or reading Robyn Schneider’s The Beginning of Everything. I haven’t gotten far into this but I’ll keep you updated on how I like it in a bit.


What have you been loving this month?