The Christmas Tag

So there seems to be a little bit of a red Christmas thread running through the last couple of posts. As I have declared myself to be the biggest Christmas fan currently on the face of the earth I thought it would be fun to come up with a little Tag. I’m tagging everyone that wants to participate! Please let me know if you have, I’d love to read your answers!

1. What are your top 3 Christmas movies?
For me that would have to be Home Alone, Love Actually and Harry & Sally. The last one probably isn’t classified as a Christmas movie, but to me it just has that sentiment that I look for in a movie this time of the year.

2. The Christmas song you know all the lyrics to?
Oh this is a tie. I love Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea, but I also love Michael Bublés entire Christmas CD.

3. Do you have any special or favorite traditions?
Usually on the 24th my best friend and I volunteer at a christmas party for a local orphanage. Doing this really puts the rest of the day, the amount of presents etc. in perspective and fills me with such great gratitude.

4. What day is it officially allowed to start actively anticipate christmas?
Even though the supermarkets start offering Christmas cookies already in the middle of November, to me the first day of December is really when the whole season kicks off. It is Christmas music only from then on only.

5. A day in advance or months ahead – when do you start thinking about getting christmas shopping?
Definitely in advance. I’ve had my mothers present since March haha! But like I mentioned in my gift guide, there’s always a few people I forget and have to buy last minute.

5. Favorite food that you associate with christmas?
Home-baked Christmas cookies for sure! I haven’t been doing it so far this year but as soon as I get home I will catch up on that right away. Any recipes you’d like to share?

6. What is the best gift someone has ever gotten you?
Three years ago my sister and dad brought back a lovely bangle that they had bought together in New York from Ani + Ani. I have worn it everyday since and even though the little charm fell off I still like the look of it on my wrist.

7. In full anticipation you grab the wrapped present that looks most like the sweater you wished for, only to find a pair of really ugly socks how do you react?
Of course it depends on who is giving it. I’m usually quite good at concealing my emotions, but my mother has gotten quite a good sensor for when she suspects I’m not liking what I am seeing. For presents from relatives I would appreciate the gift and later on find a better purpose for it, for presents from my family I would try to find a good solution so that all parties are happy.

8. What makes this time of the year ‘the most wonderful’?
I think its mostly the sentiment, the friendliness and the gratitude that I encounter more during this season than any other time. People seem more happy and content, everyone wishing each other happy holidays and a good start into the new year.


I’d love to read your answers, so please let me know when you participate in this tag!


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