The Thing with Going Blonde


I think I’m slightly bipolar when it comes to making hair decisions. On the one hand I love the idea of being a natural blonde with healthy long hair and treating it with care. But then on the other side, I’ve always had the urge to go blonder and blonder. Apart from a couple of highlights that I have my hairdresser put in every couple of weeks I am not really one to go full on color all over the head. I’ve tried going brunette before and let’s just say the hot orange mess on my head was far from pretty.

But recently the thought of going extra light has really stuck with me. I don’t want to go all white blonde, but something with still a bit of color like the three ladies up here, the one to the very left being my favorite shade.

I’m a little afraid of the maintenance though, do you have experience with dying your hair lighter? And what do you think I should do? Do it already, or nahh?


13 thoughts on “The Thing with Going Blonde

  1. Hey! My hair is dyed pretty light, and as long a you treat it well, it’s okay to maintain and look pretty. I dye my hair at home, but I make sure that when I go to the salon I have a treatment put on it, just to keep it looking and feeling healthy! I also use Redken shampoo and conditioner and their ‘anti-snap’ leave in conditioner. That teamed with GHD heat spray and the jobs a good’un!
    I ❤ my light blonde hair! Xx


  2. I think your hair looks beautiful as it is, but this would probably be quite striking on you! I’ve only dyed my hair all over twice, but never as light as this/that much lighter than my natural hair colour. I’m a dark brunette, and I once went a few shades lighter and once did auburn ‘do. For me, maintenance wasn’t a big deal because I knew I wanted to grow it out, so I just made sure it grew out subtly.


  3. Well as you can see from my picture, my hair is very dark, so when I went blonde the roots were a total pain. But I think for you, lighter blonde could be nice


  4. I’m naturally a light-brunette and I went blonde for a while. It wasn’t hard to get it lighter, but the maintenance was a pain! Just yesterday, I died my hair back to brown. I had to go darker than my natural though, because the color stripped hair isn’t going to hold the dye as well.

    Since you’re already blonde, I don’t think it would be that difficult for you. I say, do it!

    Sheryl xx


    • Oh that does sound a bit of a pain… Hope your hair is taking it well and speaking from your pictures you have a lovely hair color! I’ve booked an appointment now for next week and we’ll see how light I’ll end up 🙂
      Thanks for your advice!



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