A Gift Guide: The Best Friend

Normally I’ll have all Christmas presents ready weeks in advanced, properly wrapped and just waiting to be handed over to the lucky recipient. However, at the last minute there’s always at least 2 people that I managed to forget – so this time I though I’d come up with a few ideas that I can have on standby for when the inevitable comes in again.


The new year is just around the corner, so a nicely designed calendar definitely comes in handy. This is almost too pretty to be noticed as practical, two in one? (15€)

I’ve had my Naked 3 palette for about a year now and am super impressed with the quality. The Naked Basics is perfect for that friend who likes to play around with make-up but isn’t too advanced yet. Absolutely foolproof! (26€)

One of my best friends gave me the Rituals Shower Foam for my birthday and I love the feeling on the skin, the smell and how moisturized it leaves my body. They have come out with a package deal that I’m quite keen on! (18€)

Who doesn’t like a make-up bag? I don’t know what it is but I just could keep on buying them! This one from H&M Home is so adorable and festive with the sparkle on the eyelids. Stuff it with your favorite mascara as an extra bonus. (5€)

The HAY Kaleido trays are a super nice way of adding a bit of color into your decor and offer endless possibilities in terms of combination. If you manage to decide on the color and shape – I’m sure the recipient is gonna love it! (15-65€)

These little cacti from IKEA are the perfect gift for someone who, like me, is far away from having a green thumb. If you feel extra fancy, think about spray-painting the little pots in different colors, maybe rose gold? (5€) image credit: peekinside.nl


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