A Christmas Wishlist

It’s not too long until Christmas anymore and I am counting the days in full anticipation of flying back home and being with my family again. To me, these holidays are the highlight of my year, every year. It’s not so much about the biblical background, it’s much more about the atmosphere, the jolliness and reflection over those couple of days. Putting on Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas has become a ritual whenever I pack my things together and head to the airport/train station/car – whichever is my method of returning that year.

In my family we really enjoy giving each other presents, it’s a long procedure of taking turns of each unwrapping one present at a time. But before that, both my sister and I have to have our wish lists ready by the 6th so that St. Nikolaus (who comes to Germany in the night of the 6th December) can pick them up and deliver them to the Christkind (Santa’s never been a big deal in our house).

I thought it might be fun … actually no, let’s rewind. I got a bit of a kick in the behind from my friend Emma this week asking why I wasn’t posting anymore – providing me with tons of ideas for news posts. So Emma thought it might be fun if I shared my christmas wish list here, and so here you have it.

wishlistOnly 22 and still I much prefer a night in over a night out. I’d love to cuddle up in this Ratzer Twist A Twill blanket – it’s made from 100% Merino Wool and will for sure keep my warm no matter how icy the temperatures outside.

To go with that, I’m a little late to the party but I still haven’t read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. My mother has the German version on her Kindle, but for me reading is one of those things that I wish to not do on an electronic device. I’m surrounded by those 24/7 anyway already!

Looks like I’m in dire need of some cozy pamper night’s in: along the lines of the two previous wishes is the Aesop Parsley Seed Face Mask. I know everyone who’s ever tried it is obsessed but I just can’t hand over that amount of money for a face mask myself.

I managed to break my tripod two years ago during an attempt of retracting the poles and have been working my way with piles of books ever since. I have a feeling this might be the most practical out of all wishes, but one that comes in very handy!

Last year my parents were kind enough to get me my first proper set of brushes, Sam’s picks from Real Techniques. While I still think they are amazing quality and I have not a single complaint, it would be very nice to add a few more shapes to the stash for all occasions. Zoeva has also had great reviews and that rose gold hardware is just too pretty!

Now on to my favorite: Every time I’m at the big department store Åhléns here in Stockholm I go to their perfume section and put on my new favorite perfume – Gypsy Water by Byredo. It is the most gorgeous scent and develops beautifully on the skin. Starting off quite alcoholic it turns into something light and almost masculine but settles on the skin very warm and inoffensive. Definitely also try Mojave Ghost and Bal D’Afrique if you’re ever at a Byredo counter!

Not pictured are a medium-sized suitcase and an advanced Swedish course. I have been studying Swedish here for two months and my course has just come to an end but I would love to continue learning the language – you never know what the future holds!

Please let me know what’s on your wish list this year, and what’s the best present you have ever given to someone?


Ps: Yes Emma, for you my jewish friend I will try and come up with a Chanukah look next week נשיקה x




3 thoughts on “A Christmas Wishlist

    • Oh thank you emma! I know, terrible, I was in such a funk! But I’m typing up one blogpost after another right now and I think I should be back to schedule soon 🙂 Sweden is still great, not too long until I have to leave though. Hope all is well with you in Thailand xxx


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