October Favorites

IMG_9647That time has come yet again, folks, the month is over and so a little recap of my favorites is due. October was an eventful month for me: with travels to Estonia and Helsinki, moving places, an exciting decision regarding my nearer future, and testing a couple new products. This month also marked more or less half-time at my current internship and that means it’s only 47 more days until I get to see my family again (yes, I do count the days). With a couple up’s and down’s generally it’s been a very good month and I have discovered quite a few favorite things from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle department which I am sharing with you now.

IMG_9655Essie Midnight Cami
You will have read the review on this this week on here, but in case you missed it – here‘s the link again. This has been on my nails ever since I got it, it lasts a good five days on me before it chips and I really like how it looks dark but has a slight shimmer and depth to it.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
I picked this up when I travelled to Tallinn as I had a voucher to be used on the cruise AND everything was duty free. So this was an absolute steal! Recommended by Vivianna Does Makeup (love this girl!) I had to try it out. It’s the perfect lightweight base when you just want a slight coverage without looking like you’re wearing anything.

IMG_9656Naked 3 palette
Normally I am not much of an eye-shadow person but this month I made use of my Naked 3 palette again and really liked putting ‘trick’ all over my lid and defining the my crease with a light sweep of ‘factory’. I quite liked the orange undertones in harmony with my blue eyes, made them pop a bit more on days where I felt especially tired.

Origins Spot Treatment
In the middle of the month I had a really annoying break-out that I think was due to stress. Especially my chin and around the nose little under the skin bumps just kept on coming! After reading Alice‘s post on how she fights break-outs I went and got this little fella. And what can I say, my skin looks all clear again! Will definitely be keeping this on hand whenever my skin is acting up again.

IMG_9661Topshop Slip-Ons
This has actually been a favorite of mine since September. For the past two months I have barely taken off these shoes and they are so comfortable it is ridiculous. I wear them with blue jeans, suit pants and black trousers. I feel like they just go with everything, giving a very relaxed and comfortable yet still super stylish element to each outfit.

IMG_9663Zara Hat
Slowly but surely temperatures are dropping and I notice myself grabbing a hat on my way to work more often. I picked this up in Helsinki where it was even colder than here and for a super reasonable price it definitely is worth it. I only own a grey hat and that doesn’t really go with my camel scarf most days so I am glad to have this addition in my closet.

Project Runway
I’ve watched the entire season but this month the season finale finally aired and I felt so excited for all of the contestants. Shaun has been a favorite of mine ever since the beginning but I would also wear every single item from Amanda’s collection, so for me I was a bit indecisive of who I wanted to win. I’m happy with the judge’s choice though!

SoMo – Ride
Sooo this is quite a sexy song… I really like the Spotify Browse section and when this came up randomly I immediately added it to my playlist. His voice though.

Graphic Posters
When I moved places in the beginning of this month my room felt super sterile and empty. To make it a bit more me I started picking up a few posters here and there and have now successfully turned my room into something that feels a bit more me. (Pictures coming soon!)


14 thoughts on “October Favorites

  1. I love all your favorites!! ❤ I've been looking for an acne spot treatment so it's nice to hear about one that's good =) I LOVE Project Runway and thought it was a really good season. Are you watching Project Runway All stars??!! hehe. I love your blog, btw!!


  2. love your favorites! have you heard of the UD holiday package? it looks insane – all 3 naked palettes with 3 blushes/ 3 lipglosses 🙂
    btw I’m lovin’ ‘Ride’ as well – I like the rhythm of the song…reminds me of some late 90s/early 2000s R&B songs.


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