The Day After: How I Cure Hangovers

87230b4af2666e8446ab10761ef7dbf0Did you celebrate Halloween or was it just a regular friday night out? Either way, I am sure one or the other is feeling rather not so splendid this morning (including myself) so I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks that I like to do to get over my hangovers as fast as possible.
I generally don’t drink much, which is why when I do, I’m a pretty cheap drunk and my tolerance is pretty low. I guess there is worse things in life, and I’m actually considering to stop drinking alcohol completely. But that’s a great New Year’s Resolution and we will see how and if at all that works out in a few months.

First up: Drink up.
Water that is, or if you’re brave enough: down another beer and you should be back on your level and can postpone the hangover for a few hours.
Place a bottle of water right next to your bed before going out and try to remember to take a few big sips before you fall asleep. Drinking water before going to bed makes a huge difference when you wake up, trust me.

Be active.
I know, moving around is the last thing you feel like doing but fresh air and a bit of action will do wonders at clearing up your head. You don’t have to go for a jog, a nice walk will do. Maybe whilst you’re out and about grab lunch, but don’t give in to the temptation of greasy food, this will actually make it harder for your body to break the alcohol down.

Chill out.
Now after you’ve hydrated your body again, gotten some fresh air and something semi-healthy to eat here comes my favorite part. Cozy up in your sweats and binge-watch your favorite show. I think today I am going for Modern Family. The episodes are short and sweet and napping in between is definitely excused. Now could also be the time to order that pizza, if you’re still craving it. (Dialing up Domino’s as we speak…)


Do you have any more effective cures? Please tweet me @heymajaestelle or leave a comment. Highly appreciated!

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3 thoughts on “The Day After: How I Cure Hangovers

  1. I just had to laugh so much when I saw that picture in my reader as we were talking about exactly that phrase in work last night and one of my colleagues has a t-shirt with that phrase on it! I’m the same as you, I don’t drink much usually, just the odd glass of wine every now and then!

    Dina│Cardiff Beauty Blog

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