Better than Black

IMG_9494You heard me, I said it. I don’t know what’s currently going on with me but I am really (like really) feeling blue. I’m kind of cheating on black, and we all know that hasn’t happened for years! (Fun fact: I bought my first pair of blue jeans this year since… I think 2007? Black trousers just give me life)
After obsessing over blue eyeliner and navy cashmere sweaters I have finally found another outlet to feed my thirst for blue anything. Enter: Essie’s Midnight Cami. I’ve featured Chanel’s Blue Satin on my wish-list but it seems to have been discontinued or limited edition, either way: it’s impossible to track down. And thenย I saw this in the duty-free section on my way to Helsinki so I just had to pick it up. It’s a really dark navy blue with the tiniest bit of shimmer but far from glitter. It looks super shiny with a topcoat and lasted on me for a full week without chipping too badly. As it looks almost black from afar it still goes with my mostly black wardrobe,ย but from up close it really gives it more dimension.

Really happy with this purchase and I am currently painting this on for another round of dark blue nails. Who knows, maybe I’ll break out my blue denim as well. ALL BLUE ERRTHING!

I’m curious, what’s your favorite nail color at the moment?


9 thoughts on “Better than Black

  1. This looks very similar to a shade I own -if not the same. Love it to pieces, great shade to change things up from time to time!

    X Alice


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