A Reminder to Myself

13378f96edbe23cff3f7da931efb7d0bIf you’re anything like me you love planning, organizing and especially being in control of all those. Trust me, I have about ten to-do lists each day and will probably have my Saturday night plans figured out on a Monday morning. I’ve always been like that, Plan A was the only plan I had, and it always worked out. Pretty lucky I guess. And while this is all sorts of great it also has a big downside: your mental age develops twice as fast as your physical age (a fact that I totally made up) – but it makes sense! Being so caught up in your (my) future scenario I didn’t allow myself to embrace youth and all spontaneity that comes with that.

I’ve read a great article a couple of months back and unfortunately lost the source, but I remember it said something about taking opportunities even though you didn’t think they would be the right ones. It’s about making decisions that you don’t fit your initial plan but don’t seem too bad at the moment. Most of all, it’s about allowing yourself to adapt to change. It is just impossible to plan every second of your future and that’s okay.

When my study choice for the next semester didn’t work out as I hoped it would I decided to take a semester off and continue with my studies after completing another internship. As you can guess this wasn’t something I had planned and it completely overwhelmed me, yet filled me with great excitement. I acknowledged that it’s okay to change up your plan and admit that you might not be the same person you were when you thought you figured out how your entire life should go.

Even though I won’t be back at university next semester I will still plan my meals and figure out my weekends in advance, some things just don’t need to be changed. But whatever it is you might think of: you’re never gonna be as young as you are right now and as cliché as it sounds, in 50 years time you’re not gonna remember the smart choices you made, but the ones that excited you, the ones that reminded you of how many opportunities you have and that you should take them.


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