Weekly Round-Up #3


First up I want to apologize for the radio silence here on the blog for the past week. I’ve had a really hectic schedule and wasn’t able to post at all. But I’m back on track and have a special blog post coming your way tomorrow!
This post is a bit of a cheat though, as I did not actually spend this past weekend in Helsinki but the weekend before that. I know, a little late but here you have a short little recap of my weekend get-away. From Stockholm you can get pretty cheaply to the capital of Finland on nice cruises that travel overnight. You get to spend the day in the city of your choice and then drive back overnight again. A couple of friends and I decided to spend this gorgeous weekend exploring Helsinki and we had a great time. We arrived at around 10am and were greeted by a frosty 2° C. We made our way into the city to grab a nice breakfast and then spend the entire day walking around town. Whenever I travel to unknown places I always like to walk as I find that way you discover so many more spots and streets that a bus or metro wouldn’t have shown you.

My first impression of Helsinki was that it is significantly smaller than Stockholm and a bit more European almost. I know that Sweden belongs to Europe, however, especially when you walk down the shopping streets you mostly see Scandinavian chains such as Lindex, Bik Bok, H&M and the likes. In Finland the Inditex group is definitely more prominent. We didn’t do a lot of shopping though, we mostly wandered around the Design District which turned out to be quite splattered around. Online I found great walking routes here and we discovered a few unique shops that offered stationary, art, home goods and good food. It felt good to pay with Euros again yet everything was really quite expensive. I definitely think that 7 hours were not enough to explore the beauty that Helsinki has to offer and would like to come back at some point. Things I would like to see that unfortunately we didn’t have time for this time were the Olympic tower from which you have a great view over the entire city and the Ateneum, an art museum. Any other things I should see when I head back?

This is my short and sweet recap from our trip and the make-up that I packed is coming your way on Wednesday! Have a good week, X


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