Skincare Fall to Winter Edit


When transitioning from season to season you normally switch up your wardrobe. Goodbye to those flimsy dresses, open shoes and leaving a jacket at home. But as your body needs more protection throughout the colder months to keep healthy, so does your skin. I am currently in the process of updating my skincare regimen to a more appropriate routine preparing for the big drop in temperature that is inevitably going to happen in foreseeable time. Of course I did not take all of my skincare products with me to Sweden so this makes it a bit easier for me to sort through my stash, deciding what to keep, what to leave for next year and what items I need to add.

Starting with my keepers, it is all about again protection and moisturizing. As I have mentioned before my hands tend to get really dry so I like to always carry my L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream with me wherever I go. It is rich, keeps my hand soft and sinks in quite quickly, so no oily marks all over your keyboard!

We all apply SPF before a good ol’ sunbathing session but most of us forget this step in their daily routine regardless of of season and whether the sun is shining or not. Fact is, there are UVA and UVB rays shining on us all day whether you see them or not. They make the skin age quicker, developing wrinkles and impurities at an earlier age. You won’t see the results of using this regularly this within a week, a month or even a year, but sooner or later the day will come.

I am currently in the midst of writing an ode to the Body Shop Body Butters but I just can’t help it. The perfect luxurious yet not incredibly expensive treat for your skin after a nice shower. It sinks in quite fast (can you tell this is a major criterion for me?) and smells nice and soft. Like anybody else’s my skin tends to get quite dry and as deep care treatment I put this on every night for a couple of days in a row and instantly see results. No more flakiness!

One more Body Shop product to finish off, this Serum-In-Oil is the last step in my skincare routine and supports regeneration over night. It is moisturizing yet doesn’t make me shine like a stick of butter and smells very nice. A few drops are enough to cover the entire face and so far I have not noticed any dry patches on my forehead which I had big struggles with last year.


Now on to the products that I would like to add to my skincare.
I love a good face mask and this over-night version by Origins is raved about lots in the blogger community. Especially after using exfoliating and deep-cleansing masks I notice my skin gets a bit tight and to put the moisture back I would like to add this to my routine. I’ve also never used an over-night mask so I am anticipating this to be very rich yet not too heavy to stain my pillows. Any experiences with this Drink Up Intensive option?

As you can see from my keeper’s I currently don’t own a daily face cream. While using the SPF alone currently works fine as it is not that cold yet, I will definitely find an option to provide my skin with a little more care and moisture for the day. As I trust in the brand I am keen to try out the Make A Difference Plus + cream to see whether it really holds up to its great reviews. Can you tell I’ve made it my mission to avoid any dry patches at all this winter?

Apart from dry skin I also suffer from really dry eye-lids. Especially the inner area gets super dry and flakey, a rather gross sight – let me tell you! I’ve tried it with a ton of creams last year but none of them seemed to help. And while I still like my Origins GinZeng Eye Cream in the morning I want to add a bit more oomph at night to repair any damages. I have only heard great things about this Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado one by Kiehl’s and will definitely invest in one of those little pots.

Lastly, who doesn’t get chapped lips in the colder months? Ever tried applying lipstick on top of that? Yeah, not a good look. The wild Argan Oil range by the Body Shop is supposed to be super rich and caring and goes by the name of Solid Oil Lips. If that doesn’t moisturizing then I don’t know what! I’ve given this a quick try a couple of days ago in the shop and think I must head back soon!



One product that will leave my bathroom shelve this season is the Origins GinZing day cream. I really liked this during the warmer months as the gel texture is very nice and light, sinks in quickly and is the perfect base for already relatively moisturized skin. But as you can tell from the description I have just given you, not exactly an ideal companion during those colder months to come.


I’m curious as to what you will be replacing and adding to your skincare routine, please share in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Skincare Fall to Winter Edit

  1. Great post!

    I have very sensitive skin and can’t tolerate a lot of products, especially if they contain fragrance and alcohol. But the Kiehl Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Moisturizer sounds great, as it doesn’t have fragrance in it, so I will definitely check it out.

    What skin type do you have (dry, oily or combo skin?)

    Since I have sensitive skin, it’s hard to find the right products, so I still haven’t found my perfect skin care routine, but thanks to Paula’s Choice Beautypedia I am slowly getting there.

    I am trying some products at the moments and when I will be fully content with my skin care routine, I will blog about it.

    Anyway, thanks for the informative post!

    Greetings from Germany,



    • I’m quite lucky in that sense, my skin doesn’t react badly to many products and can tolerate most experiments I do 😉 I have pretty normal skin with a slightly oily forehead and some dry patches. Looking forward to reading about what you’re using! X


  2. Nice post! I picked up the Make a Difference Plus moisturizer a while ago and started using it yesterday but it might be a bit too much for my skin at the moment since it’s not super cold outside yet and leaves me super shiny. However, it makes a great nighttime moisturizer for me at the moment! 🙂


  3. great tip on the moisturizer! can you update me on how the avocado eye treatment is? 🙂 I’m using First Aid Beauty’s triple duty remedy for eyes right now but once it’s gone, I’m going to search for a new eye cream.


  4. The creamy avocado treatment from Kiehl’s is definitely a winner – helps soothe my eye eczema when it becomes dry and patchy. I also love The body shop body butter – I hoard them when they go on sale 🙂 my favourites are peach, strawberry and honeymania – I like the fruity scents. I need to try the Argan range.


  5. My skin routine changes with the change of the seasons as well! During the cold months I love to use more rich textures and my all time favourite product is the organic coconut though 🙂 I love the hand cream from L’Occitane and I would like to try the face cream from Kiehl’s 🙂


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