Fall Fashion Favorites


This is a bit of a cop out, I know. Anyone that knows me will know that this combination up here is a typical Maja look. While you’re probably picturing all shades of forest green, burgundy red and honey gold when thinking of the fall season, I just feel more comfortable in my trusty dark shades. What’s definitely new to me though is navy! I’ve been told before that navy goes well with blonde hair and blue eyes, and you’ll have seen me play with navy eyeliner here, yet up to this year I didn’t venture into that color spectrum within the fashion department at all really.

Browsing through Zara the other day I came across this dark blue cashmere sweater that is literally the softest thing in the world and instantly fell in love. Darn you, Sweden for your ridiculous mark-ups, otherwise this baby would’ve been mine without giving it a second thought right away. But good news: I’ll be visiting Tallinn, Estonia this upcoming weekend and will make sure to take this home with me.

Our office isn’t heated yet and a big scarf that can double up as blanket is a definite winner in my books! This, again, Cashmere version comes from Acne and has been sitting on top of my wish list for the longest time. I do have a feeling we’ll become friends not too far into the future and am already looking forward to cozying up in this.

A plain white shirt. What else is there to say? I go through these like I go through skinny black pants, but they’re just so effortless and easy to throw on. Throw a cardigan or sweater on top, slip into comfy shoes and say good-bye to the secretary look and bonjour to classic comfort. This Muji version is made from cotton and allows your skin to breathe underneath all those layers in the winter.

My first reaction to these shoes was a little bit mixed. To me they look like the hyped Eytys sneakers and Isabel Marant Nowles boots had a baby and this is what Zara came up with. I haven’t tried them on, and in terms of white sole+ black leather they are quite similar to my slip-ons, but for some reason I can’t get them out of my head. What do you think?

Especially now that I am sitting most of the day in front of my desk,  I appreciate the comfort of a loose fitting pant. Again, keywords here are effortlessly stylish which is exactly my kinda cup of tea. I’m not sure how flattering this leather version is on any other size than a 34, but there’s no harm in trying.

Even though I am wearing only silver and rose gold on my wrists at the moment I am very very attracted to these gold pieces by Jane Køning, a danish jewelry designer. That cuff looks just like a screw and how cool is this two-piece earring? If anybody feels like treating me to a jewelry upgrade: you know where to find me!

Last but not least: another untypical choice for me. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to the nail polish department but this Blue Satin shade by Chanel definitely tickles my fancy! From far away it looks almost black but when the light catches it it gives a nice shine and reflection. A nice alternative to your standard black.


So these are my current obsessions, I’m curious as to what you’re craving for fall? And please don’t forget to let me know what you think of those shoes!


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