Favorite YouTubers: Lifestyle Edit

I just love a good YouTube session. When I’m bored, while I get ready or to fall asleep to. Apart from beauty and fashion videos I also really enjoy anything that is related to lifestyle, for instance cooking, diy’s or even music. So following the past friday’s post theme today I will introduce you to my favorite all-rounder YouTube channels. Please leave any suggestions in the comments below, or if you have your own YouTube channel I would love to check that out as well!


Their content is very varied and always impeccably executed. From fancy dress settings to quirky DIY’s and fun recipes: I love watching their videos for not only what they talk about, but also for the nice quality and innovative ideas. It is all very stylized and enjoyable to look at.

Green Kitchen Stories

So it’s no secret I’m head over heels for Sweden. Before moving here I watched their videos over and over again, not just because of the amazing delicious recipes that are all vegan, but also for the lovely swedish accent. I’ve recreated the pea soup and loved it! Definitely try their easy yet super tasty recipes.


My favorite music channel on YouTube by far! Even though I also really like Majestic Casual. They produce lots of remixes of known and not so known songs that all have a rather chilled electro vibe to them. Easy listenings throughout the day when you want to zone out and dream away.


These two girls just always put a smile to my face. They’re so fun and almost pin-up like. Working in the interior design industry they have recently redone Ingrid’s (MissGlamorazzi) apartment and I want to move in right away! Their style is really bright and colorful yet never overdone. Totally up my alley!


Relationship goals right there. Jesse and Jeana just love to prank their better half, and usually tape it for the viewer’s amusement. Not gonna lie, I’ve binge watched their videos hours and hours on end before. And many had me LOL’ing out loud!


Did you know any of these? And if not, please let me know what you think!


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