Handbag Beauty Picks

IMG_8808On a daily basis I’m not one to carry around my make-up stash and touch up every hour. In fact I’m not too fussed about getting a little shiny or losing the curl of my lashes. Therefore my portable beauty bag is rather slim and compact – easy to throw in in pretty much any sized handbag! Today I’m spilling the beans on what makes the cut and is classified ‘essential’ to bring every day.

First up we have my favorite hand cream of all times: the L’Occitane Hand Cream. Funny anecdote: when I found out that the room I am moving to in Stockholm has it’s own bathroom I was most thrilled about being able to leave a tube of this next to the sink for me, and me only, to use after I wash my hands. I am sad. But also just a huge fan of this hand cream! It’s super moisturizing, smells amazing and a little really goes a long way. Also extra plus: it sinks in super fast!

On the topic of hands, I also always carry a little container of hand sanitizer. Public transport isn’t exactly the most hygienic way of traveling around and so I like to make sure my hands are gem free as soon as I get the chance. This Soap & Glory Hand Food one I picked up in London and it’s scented in their Original Pink fragrance which reminds me of Miss Dior Chérie, which I used to love!

Next up I always have either the shade 01 or 06 of the Clarins Instant Lip Perfector in my purse. They are easy to apply without a mirror, give a little bit of a tint and mega moisture! Honestly, my lips feel super soft and nourished whenever I apply this, it has definitely become my holy grail of lip care. Shade 01 is a rosy pink that brings out my blue eyes whereas 06 is a nude that goes with absolutely anything!

For any make-up accidents, sudden spots and emergency cover-ups I always keep the Mac Studio Finish Concealer on hand. I don’t use this often and don’t really like to apply it with my hands as the product in the container gets a little grubby after a while, but it does a nice job at concealing any unwanted areas on my face.

I also carry around a miniature brush, which I have never used to this date, but the mirror inside is quite handy for subtle on-desk checks while hiding behind my computer screen. A tampon for emergencies, and last but not least, I always have a hair clip attached to the handle of my bag for when I want my hair out of my face. Absolute savior this one!


So this is it, here you have it. Not much, but certainly enough to get me through the day. What are your bag beauty essentials? Anything I NEED to add?



15 thoughts on “Handbag Beauty Picks

  1. Hi Maja! I also don’t bother to touch up my make-up throughout the day. Loads of lipstick, lip balm, concealer, and sometimes powder and I’m good to go. Argh, I really want that Soap and Glory hand sanitizer. Can’t find a decent one in Belgium. How’s life in Sweden?

    X Alice


    • This is the first hand sanitizer that doesn’t sting my eyes with its strong alcohol smell! Maybe rituals has something in their range? Sweden is still great, actually so busy I don’t even get around posting so much! Can’t wait for the weekend and a well deserved break from work 🙂 hope everything is going well for you and have a lovely weekend xx


    • I just got the full size for my birthday and am so happy to have this baby on endless supply 😀 I’ve never tried the Magical Leaves but I’ll give it a go next time I’m in a L’Occitane store if they have it 🙂 x


  2. Haha und ein o.b. guckt auch noch aus der Tasche! So ungefähr würde es auch aussehen wenn ich meine Makeup Tasche ausschütten würde. Die Handcremes von L’Occitane würd ich auch gerne mal probieren!


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