Mani Manual

IMG_8794I’ve mentioned before I like to treat myself to a nice manicure on sundays when I have the time to sit still and let each coat dry without having to do too many things at the same time that mess up what I’ve just painted with absolute precision. Today I thought I’d share with you my little manual on how to get perfectly even and shiny nails.

First off you will have to remove any nail polish you’re sporting at the moment. I just use box standard cotton pads and the cheapest acetone free nail polish remover I could find in the drugstore, this one is from Ebelin, bought at DM. It has a slight almond smell to it which I quite like. In between this and the next step I like to wash my hands with soap to get the smell and nail polish remover off of my hands.

Then I paint on the base coat: I use Essie’s Help Me Grow and so far have no negative points to be remarked. It prevents my nails from staining and I don’t get any ridges on the actual nail. I’m not sure if it actually supports nail growth but it does a good job at preventing the nail from chipping.

Then I like to paint two coats of any nail polish, in this case I’ve decided on Essie’s Licorice,Β a deep black shade which lasts for.freaking.ever.! No jokes, I’ve had this one for 10 days straight and while it didn’t look perfect in the end it still didn’t look horrible either. Mega impressed with the formula of this one. It goes on smoothly and is completely opaque in two coats. Like I said I’m quite the perfectionist when it comes to painting my nails and really take my time in outlining and filling in the nail. Therefore I usually never have any blobs of polish around the edges, but if that ever does happen I will use a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover to clean up any messy lines.

When all is set and dry I finish off with a top coat: currently using Essie’s No Chips Ahead. I swear I’m not sponsored by Essie but I just really like their polishes. This one though is just OK in my opinion. I think once I have used this up I will purchase the Seche Vite topcoat that everybody raves about but for now this one will do. It is fairly quick drying and makes the nail varnish underneath shine nicely.

As a finishing touch I like to massage a bit of my favorite hand cream by L’Occitane into my cuticles and hands to provide moisture and make everything look a bit more cared for and accurate.


What is your favorite nail polish brand?Β Or any shade recommendations by Essie? I’m trying to slowly build a collection and am open for recommendations.


8 thoughts on “Mani Manual

  1. Yep, Sunday is my manicure day too. I moved from gels to Essie and to be honest haven’t seen much difference. Essie is amazing for staying power but I like to use OPI rapid dry top coat with it. Essie Bordeaux is lovely for autumn πŸ™‚


    • Hey Lena, sorry for the late reply πŸ™‚ I can definitely recommend Meet Me at Sunset and Marshmallow, both colors stayed way over 7 days on me without major chips and just a little tip wear. Other than that my collection isn’t that extensive yet, but I’ll keep you updated πŸ™‚


  2. I can totally recommend Essie Good To Go. I wasn’t happy with No Chips Ahead at all but Good To Go is the best top coat I’ve ever had, seriously! So maybe you’ll give it a try, it’s definitely worth it…


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