Favorite YouTubers: Fashion Edit

Last week I introduced you to my favorite beauty gurus on the YouTube landscape and already promised to extend it to fashion. So this is obviously today’s topic then: here are five of my most watched fashion girls, all equally awesome and great for some outfit inspiration. Whether it’s their seasonal look books or regular hauls – I immediately want everything! Some mornings when I feel really uninspired I will watch a couple videos and then pull an outfit from my wardrobe that resembles the shown looks to get out or my boring rut. Hope these speak to you as much as to me, and like last time: any recommendations are very welcome!

Jen – ClothesEncounters

Jen is really cool. That just made me sound very uncool, didn’t it? It’s true though, she’s a proper bad-ass but in the sweetest, prettiest form they come. Her style is full of juxtapositions and contrasts, she mixes patterns, styles and thrift store items but always looks like a Urban Outfitters model. Her editing and music is also really on point and I look forward to watching her videos which are uploaded roughly every 3 to 4 days.

Lily – Lily Melrose

 Lily’s style is best described as a potpourri of british design. She shops at the high street and yet manages to own all of her looks. She isn’t afraid of trying things out of her comfort zone and so you will both find her in pastel colored doll style coats, as well as biker boots and torn flannels. I think out of the bunch she is the quirkiest and most relatable to me.

Wendy – Wendy’s Lookbook

If you only watch one video out of all here mentioned, let it be this one! Just look at that editing and creativity! Wendy and her ‘Mystery Man’ produce really nice pairing episodes and style advice, always with a chic and elegant appearance. She gives great tips on buying second hand designer items online and explains everything very well and easy to understand. Her voice has a really calming effect on me and she seems like a lovely person.

Mel & Steph – The Fashion Citizen

How I wish I could tag along on one of their shopping trips to Goodwill! I don’t know how they do it but they always find a-ma-zing pieces for under 5$ that they style with other items and suddenly they look like they’re wearing thousand of dollars worth of clothing. Mel has a more romantic, refined style whereas Steph is great to look for if you’re more on the grungy, edgy side of style. Go, Arizona!

Tara – Tar Mar

How gorgeous is this young lady? She’s recently been undergoing a bit of a change in style and I’m absolutely digging it. It’s a bit more daring yet still super wearable, think pastel pink latex skirts and cream fluffy jumpers. Sounds horrid, but she’s the one to pull it off! She’s a fashion student as well, so I can relate to her busy schedule and admire her for still making such an effort when dressing for uni.


Do you know any of these, and let me know: who’s your absolute style inspiration?


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