Weekly round-up #1

I’ve been living in Sweden for just over a week now and cannot even put into words how much I enjoy it here already. If it were up to me I’d pack my bags in an instant and live here happily ever after. As a little diary I want to incorporate a weekly round-up of the things that brought a smile to my face from monday to sunday and in that way remind myself of all the beautiful things I get to do/see/experience here in case homesickness kicks in. Trust me, this happens a lot when you know there’s a little puppy at home growing up without you witnessing it (*tears up while writing this*).

Weekly roundup

Starting top left to bottom right:
The first image was taken on Odengatan in Stockholm. Most houses here are painted in hues of yellow and red and against the blue sky that day I love how the colors pop! Also: how gorgeous is their 18th century architecture? Wish I could move into one of these houses.

It seems to become a tradition for me to bring a few cans of my favorite german beer to whatever city I’m moving to – I have a pretty similar shot from two years ago in Amsterdam!

A bit of a splurge that I have been saving up for a really long time and just never could get my hands on as Giorgio Armani foundation isn’t stocked in Cologne. The Luminous Silk foundation – I’m sure there’s a review coming! Alice you’re to blame for this purchase hehe.

So I’ve spoken about how I’m turning 22 in a few weeks and there is me in my elephant slippers. Seriously no shame. Waffling around the house like it’s nobody’s busy and loving it to the max! They keep my feet warm and just brighten up my day when I look at them.

Okay this one is a bit older, at the end of August I went to see the Scandinavian fashion exhibition from 2000-2015 at the Sven Harrys Konstmuseum and I really liked it. The location and building itself are really nice and from what I’ve gathered the exhibitions there are always very inspiring.

A little saturday morning selfie. After my first week of work it felt amazing to not be woken up by my alarm at 6:50 but to sleep in – which was 8:30 actually, but I made myself a cuppa, turned on Project Runway and cozied up in bed again until 10.

On Saturday night my colleagues, some other friends and I went to this outdoor partyย at this really cool club. The music was on point, the people fun and the location perfect! Located under a bridge there was plenty of room for photo booths, table tennis and even boule!

The first home wear piece I’ve bought is this really cool retro clock in rose gold. It’s from TIGER and was only 5 euros but I think it looks so much more expensive than it was. I love the bold lettering and round edges and as it was the last one in stock I thought it was meant to be.

Lastly: how cool is the flooring in our office? This is actually a print the company I work for uses for their designs but they also floored the entrance with it. Love it!


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13 thoughts on “Weekly round-up #1

  1. Hi Maja! I’m so happy that you’re loving Sweden and I’d secretly love to go there one day. Shopping must be great too, haha! Oh, I really hope you like the foundation as much as I do but I’m pretty confident you will! ^^ Enjoy your stay in Sweden and perhaps you can skype your little puppy? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Big love! X


    • You must, Stockholm is so wonderful! Surprisingly though shopping especially at the swedish chains isn’t cheaper here. A couple days in I’m already madly in love with the foundation and don’t ever wanna go back to my old ones haha. You were so right!
      We skype regularly but he can only recognize my voice and not my face on screen, he’s super confused haha.
      Have a lovely vacation! XX


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