Fresh Hair Out of a Can

IMG_8597We all know that we shouldn’t wash our hair so often as it will only support the production of oils which in return makes the hair look greasy and rather gross. Streaky hair is probably one of my biggest fears throughout the day (First world problems, heh?) so on those days where I haven’t washed my hair I like to rely on a good ol’ dry shampoo to prolong that fresh look and feel of my locks.
I’ve tried my fair share and am here to present you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Starting with the last category, the ugly, I want to mention a product that is not actually pictured because I’ve used it up and then swore to never purchase it again. Tony & Guy’s Dry Shampoo smells ridiculous. The smell lingers for hours and is really, really unpleasant. Not sweet, not fresh, but it definitely has citrus-y notes in there. It does a fine job at keeping the grease at bay but booyyyy that smell – hell no! I’d rather wash my hair right away.

A product that I’ve really been disappointed in is the Dove Dry shampoo. The smell on this one is definitely my favorite though, very fresh and clean, but unfortunately I felt like I had residue in my hair all day. I don’t know it that’s just me, but when I run my fingers through my hair I hate the feeling of product in there. I’ll use the bottle up but maybe spray it from a farther distance to keep everything to a minimum, but will not be repurchasing this number.

A trusty one is definitely the Balea Trend It Up Dry Shampoo. I’ve had the old version of this and thankfully they changed the smell because the old version was unbearable! But now it smells really fresh and doesn’t attach to the hair too visibly. I’ve actually used this two days in a row and it still didn’t feel too heavy on my hair. It does a really good job for its mere price of a couple euros, and a good one to have as a back-up whenever you run out of your favorite one. I’ve actually used this two days in a row and it still didn’t feel too heavy on my hair.

Last but certainly not least is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in the fresh scent. This must be my favorite. Lightweight, no residue to be noticed, pleasantly scented and good value for money. Everybody raves about Batiste and their products absolutely live up to their fame, you should definitely give this a go.


I’m curious as to what you use? Anything I should definitely give a go?


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