Want to Wear: Scandinavian Style

scandi styleWithin the very short time span I have spent in Stockholm now I have learned quite a few style lessons already. And boy, those Swedish girls are absolutely on point when it comes to dressing effortlessly minimal yet I always get caught up on the subtle details. Zippers, hidden draw-strings, volumes and proportions: there’s so many interesting techniques involved that literally make me want to sit in a café and watch stylish girls all days. Creepy much?!

Anyway, one thing I have witnessed so far is that they love to play with lengths and layers. A short bomber jacket over a floor length cardigan – no problem. Ankle grazing loose pants with boots –  done. They know how to combine materials, have a deep appreciation for anything flowy and on the opposite: stiff. Boxy shapes and tight silhouettes, can you tell I’m obsessed?

I’ve put together a look which I would love to sport and strut around in all day pretending to be swedish. All compiled of Scandinavian brands of course. Key elements here are neutral colors, different materials and balancing a top-heavy silhouette with a slim lower part.


Jacket – Acne / Sweater – & Other Stories / Slacks – Filippa K / Boots – Samsøe Samsøe, Bag – COS


6 thoughts on “Want to Wear: Scandinavian Style

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