Lust List: The Birthday Edition

birthday wishlistIf you’re anything like me you anticipate your birthday months in advance (25 days to go, woo!). In fact, I take this whole anticipation to the next level and start counting days and hours way before it is technically appropriate. During these days approaching my birthday I can, who would’ve guessed, get quite annoying and I’ve learned to tone it down and keep the excitement to myself. As shallow and materialistic as I can be sometimes, I don’t love my birthday so much because of entailed presents, but because I can gather all my favorite people around and enjoy good company with a tasty drink. This year I’ll be celebrating the big day in Stockholm and a lovely friend has already booked her tickets to come see me that weekend. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, my mom surprised me the other day telling me she had also booked flights with my godaunt! I’m sure we’ll have an amazing weekend amongst meat balls and cold winds.

Even though I most enjoy blowing out candles and eating yummy cake, unwrapping a little present surely doesn’t hurt. So here I’ve compiled a rather extensive wish list of some things that would make me really happy. A girl can wish, right? Not on the list is another personal wish: our little puppy (see his gorgeous face on instagram here) recently lost his baby teeth and we were lucky enough to find a couple in the rugs and corners of our house. Some might think this is really strange but I’ve actually asked for one to be gold dipped and attached to a necklace so I can wear it and have a little bit of him while I’m away.

1/ Graphic prints of three of the cities I’ve lived in recently. Love these!
2/ The gorgeous LORAC pro palette. Don’t think I need to add anything, do I?
3/ Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in Quiver, a lovely nude shade that is perfect for every day!
4/ Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light – for the glow from within look.
5/ This marble iPhone case. My old phone case is falling apart and I love its simplicity and minimalism.
6/ Frends Headphones in white & gold. I sometimes get anxiety in public places and listening to music really calms me down.
7/ I love a good make-up bag and this Alphabet one instantly put a smile on my face.

What are some things you’d love to unwrap right now?


6 thoughts on “Lust List: The Birthday Edition

  1. My birthday is in almost two weeks and I am feeling the same way right now! Hourglass’s Dim Light is definitely on my wish list too, along with Chanel Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum and a pedi at the salon! x


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