Ciao ciao Aluminum!

IMG_3449So this whole debate around deodorants, or anti-transpirants containing aluminum certainly stirred up some controversy. While probably anybody that read up on the side effects and diseases it may cause agrees to its bad working, however it is so hard to find a replacement that will not turn you into a sweaty Betty after five minutes or prevents body odor.
At first I tried a couple of drugstore options, not even worth mentioning on here. I picked them up primarily because they were free of aluminum salts but also because they smelled really nice and fresh. Well… let me tell you! That nice and fresh smell only lasted about an hour. I’m by no means a really sweaty person and I don’t tend to smell very quickly, but at the end of the day I literally walked around with my arms pressed against my body so nobody would notice!
I then did some research on YouTube and the odd blog, and finally purchased the Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. I had never used a cream deodorant before and so it did take some time to get used to. However, once you’re over the application, it dries really quickly and has a herbal-ly scent to it that doesn’t linger too long. Thank god, because I really didn’t like the scent at first. Let’s just say tea-tree and lavender aren’t exactly my first choice when I want to smell fresh and clean. But like I said, it doesn’t bother me anymore.

The texture is quite funky and feels almost chunky when you first dip your finger into the pot. On the website it’s described as “frosting-like texture” which is pretty accurate if you ask me. The picture picks up quite well on the grainy-ness of the product, however, once blended it goes on really smooth and leaves no bumps or patches.
Watching a few interviews with the producer, Rachel Winard, is really passionate about her product and for good reason, because it works. It has great lasting power and doesn’t harm the skin in doing so. The products are all 100% organic and produced in the United States.
To sum up, whether it is this deodorant you will choose, or any other anti-transpirant that is free of aluminum salts, I strongly advise you to look into the subject and educate yourself a bit about the harm you may do to your body by generously spritzing it with your favorite deodorant. I’m by no means an expert but I think it is a good way to implement a bit more healthy ingredients into my daily routine and rule out one more way to die (uh ohhh dramatic!)

Let me know in the comments whether you have already made the switch or maybe also not intend to? Any other brands that I could try that maybe have a nicer scent to it? I’m curious to hear your opinions!


8 thoughts on “Ciao ciao Aluminum!

  1. While I personally agree with most scientific research that aluminium isn’t harmful and continue to use it, one product I’ve tried without it is La vanilla. It’s good for daily use but not when exercising so bear that in mind


    • I’ve heard great things about the La Vanila deodorant but don’t think they sell here in Germany, what a bummer! Next time I’m over in the States I’ll definitely check this out, thank you for the recommendation 🙂


  2. The only aluminum-free deodorant I’ve tried is also Lavanila. I like the vanilla lavender scent although it’s very strong. It unfortunately doesn’t stop perspiration at all, so I’m hesitant to recommend it. I’m definitely going to check out the Soapwalla soon!


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