One Lovely Blog Award

onelovelyblogJust a little heads up, this will be one big Award post including another nomination for the Liebster Award (read my first post here) and the One Lovely Blog Award.

I feel so grateful to all of those who were kind enough to think of my little blog when nominating. I’ve not been blogging seriously for long now but all the positivity and sweet comments I get make me feel really overwhelmed and happy at the same time. It’s great to see how a shared passion for beauty, fashion, and all things lifestyle connects people from all over the world. Through this little page I’ve gotten in touch with so many amazing girls and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading what I put out in the net and giving me your feedback. It really means a lot!

But now onto the actual content of today’s post. I’ve been nominated for eh One Lovely Blog Award by the lovely MintMilky from A pound of luck,  the gorgeous xolollypop and super sweet Reify from reifylove. Please check out their blogs, it’s evident how much time and effort all of these ladies put into their posts and blogs in general. Go and send them some love! Because I’m combing both awards into one post I would like to split my nominees into two. So I’ll nominate five for each category, but please feel free to do the other one instead in case that tickles your fancy more.

Here goes the rules:
#1 Thank the blogger who nominated you
#2 Display the rules and award logo
#3 List seven facts about yourself
#4 Nominate 5-15 other bloggers to accept the award

A few facts about me:
#1 I love mixing jewelry! Right now I’m wearing gold around my neck, rose gold and silver around my wrists and fingers and a mixture of all three on my ears. Fashion rules exist to be broken in my opinion!

#2 If I was ever stopped on the street by a radio station asking for a music wish it would always, always be Uptown Girl by Westlife. Love a good oldie!

#3 I once saved two rabbits from being sent to the slaughter house and kept them until they died the natural way.

#4 I love designing little booklets and leaflets in Adobe InDesign, right now I’m working on a little city guide about my favorite German city, can you guess which one it is?

#5 My favorite show as a kid was Lizzie McGuire and Out of Sight, a show about a teenage boy who developed a spray that would turn him invisible for a while. Love a bit of chemistry.

#6 A little bit of a heavy one but last winter I developed anxiety issues and every now and then suffer from panic attacks. Not fun!

#7 I’m quite uncomplicated and can adapt to pretty much any situation. Whether that be climbing hills in the mud or listening in on a hard rock concert. As long as the company’s good anything will be great fun!

My nominees are:
Bliss No. 9
Rainbows and Polkadots


I hope you enjoyed these facts and now I’ll also answer the questions posed by the sweet Vittoria Anna for the Liebster Award. Please also have a look over her blog, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her posts as much as I do! First up the rules, then the questions.

#1 Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
#2 Write 11 facts about yourself
#3 Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you posed you and create another eleven questions for your nominees to answer
#4 Choose between 5 and 11 blogs with under 1000 followers to nominate and leave a comment on their blog telling them they’ve been nominated. Don’t forget to leave a link to your blog post so they can read about the award!

Here are Vittoria Anna’s questions:

1.Why did you start blogging?
I’ve mentioned this before but mainly because I wanted to be a little more productive during the summer than usually. And of course to improve my writing and photography skills.

2. What is your favourite foundation?
I love L’Oréal’s True Match Foundation, in fact, I’ve even written an entire post about it. Read it here.

3. Where do you buy most of your clothes from?
Probably Zara I would say. But recently I’ve discovered a lot more online stores which I’m quite happy about. Brands such as Twenty8Twelve and Maison Scotch are quite rocking it for me!

4. If you could only have 3 lipsticks, which would they be?
Oh oh, tough one! I’m 100% a lipstick person, but if I had to choose I would go with Mac’s Plumful, a buildable plummy color. Rimmel’s In Love With Ginger, a bright orange, and Kate Moss for Rimmel in 107 a gorgeous deep cherry red. I’m not counting lip glosses or balms here (little sneaky cheat, I know?)

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Right now, probably Hong Kong or Shanghai. My best friend has just been to China and I’m super intrigued.

6. What is your favourite colour?
Again, hard one to answer! I love all vibrant bright colors and they change throughout the seasons but right now it’s probably blue.

7. Sweet or savoury food?
Sweet all the way. I have such a sweet tooth it’s not even funny anymore. Trust me when I say that I can finish entire bars of chocolate in one go!

8. Bare or bold makeup?
Another cheat answer: Bare throughout the day and bold at night. I love a good statement lip.

9. Describe your style in 3 words
Comfortable, basic, modern.

10. What is your 1 go-to beauty product?
Concealer! Right now it’s the NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla but I’ll always go back to the MAC Pro Longwear concealer. Such a good’s.

11. Describe your signature makeup look
A light to medium foundation (Either True Match or Diorskin BB Cream), some concealer (MAC or NARS), a little bit of contour (Sleek Contour Kit or Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer), Blush (Sephora Orange Pop or Bobbi Brown Pink Peony), a full eyebrow (May eyebrow pencil in Fling or MAC’s Copperplate eyeshadow) and two coats of mascara (Maybelline Colossal Express in brown or MAC’s All Black). On the lips it varies but I’ve been loving my Clarins Instant Lip Perfector to death recently! Especially the shade 06 which I just bought, the perfect nude!

My nominees are:
Blushing Beauty
Attitude and Adventure
Just Like Wonderland
Leila Lina
Sparkle & Champagne

And these are my questions:
1. What’s one thing within the make-up application department that you just cannot ever get right?
2. Your favorite season?
3. What would be your dream job? A company or position
4. The top 3 items you’re lusting after right now?
5. The best advice you’ve ever received?
6. What beauty advice would you give your 15 year old self?
7. Who’s your style icon?
8. Your favorite blog/ YouTube channel/ Instagram account?
9. What is something that should be invented that would make life much easier?
10. What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
11. Your favorite drug store/ high end brand?


Thanks again to all the lovely ladies who nominated me and I’m looking forward to reading all the lovely answers. Again, all nominees may feel free to do either award, whatever you prefer.


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