Pamper Rituals

IMG_8323As you know I spent my last weekend camping out at a festival. We had the best time ever, dancing to all our favorite DJ’s, playing drinking games at noon and meeting tons of people from all over the place. Being back from the woods (shower! bed! food!) also means one thing: a good ol’ pampering session to make up for what lacked during the weekend. Obviously the cleaning facilities weren’t exactly in mint condition so I had to make do with what was given. (A post about the beauty items I brought and used (!) is coming your way tomorrow).

Usually sunday serves as my pamper night: getting the face masks out, doing my nails, watching a few episodes of Suits or what have you and then fall asleep in fresh sheets. But no, this called for an emergency session. After a long bath in which I exfoliated with my new Soap & Glory miniature Scrub ‘Em or Leave ‘Em body scrub, I made myself a cuppa Earl Grey which has easily become my favorite kind over the past months. I opted for a cosy bra and applied the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask which you will have seen in my London Haul. Not much to say about this yet other than it feels warm and lovely, but I’ll report back with a full on review if you like? Also I desperately needed to do my nails, my old polish had been sitting on my nails since before my trip to London! (Good job, Essie!). This time I opted for another Essie shade as they have become my favorite to apply recently. I went for ‘Master Plan’ on my fingers and ‘Meet Me at Sunset’ on my toes. Two coats and you’re good to go! Cuddled up in a blanket I caught up on all my favorite blogs via Bloglovin’ which is just the easiest way to keep everything organized and never miss a post. You can follow my blog here if you like.


What are your essentials to a good pamper night? I shamefully left the Cadbury’s I devoured out of the picture. Oops!


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