Fashion Favorites: Festival Edition


This weekend is a little festival edition over here on the blog. I’m currently dancing, drinking and probably slightly smelling in Hamburg at the MS Dockville festival with a bunch of my friends. So today I thought I’d share with you my sartorial quintessentials when being outside all day long enjoying the music, sun and atmosphere.

IMG_8176You’re most likely gonna wanna bring a little cross body bag or rucksack to keep your most valuable items safe with you. Cash, phone, sunscreen and the likes. I am bringing this MANGO number which you will have seen in my ‘What’s in my bag’ post, it’s fairly cheap and closes, which is an absolute must!
During that same shopping trip I bought this little black dress which to me screamed festival all over! It’s really nice and lightweight and flows nicely when you move. PLUS lots of room to work on my tan without too many funky lines! A jean jacket is another definite staple for when it gets colder at night. I’ve had this one from The Gap since I was thirteen but it still goes steady and will dearly be missed if it ever decides to break.
Another go-to festival outfit is a plain tank top and cut-off shorts. The top has a nice low back so ideal to show a little lace-y bra underneath if you dare! The shorts I cut off myself after these pants had rips in all places imaginable!
In the shoe department you don’t want to bring your most expensive pair of Loubs, obviously! I’m bringing my completely torn black Converse All Stars and a pair of leather boots in case it gets rainy or muddy.
Lastly, even though you’re gonna put on sun screen, you’ll want to protect your eyes with sunglasses. I bought these last year and they’re the blue mirrored Ray Bans which have absolutely been worth the investment! And they’ll spice up any plain outfit instantly. To prevent any sun strokes from happening you’re gonna wanna bring a wide-brimmed hat. I’m not much of a hat wearer but I’ll give this one a go and see if I get my money’s worth.

Now to you: what’s your festival staple piece in the fashion department? Please share in the comments!



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