London Haulin’

IMG_8282For those of you that haven’t read it on Twitter yet (subtle social media plug right there) I went to London this past weekend to visit a friend and of course to raid the aisles of Boots, Selfridges, and the likes. I’ve posted about the products that I was lusting over and managed to get most of them and oh well… even more! I worked a lot last month so I wanted to treat myself to some products that are either completely unavailable here in Germany or much pricier in conversion.

IMG_8262First up we have skin & body care. I was especially looking for the Soap & Glory products as they are quite on the pricier side here at Douglas and I’ve heard Boots does a good 3 for 2 deal most of the times, which also happened to be the case this time. I went for the full size of products that I had read great things about and miniature versions of smaller things I wanted to try out/ products I intend on keeping in my handbag. Such as the sanitizer and the miniature version of the Hand Food hand cream. Other than that I purchased the Foam Call shower and bath gel, the Righteous Butter body lotion and two body scrubs (Flake Away & Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em).

IMG_8264Next up we have other skin and haircare products. I purchased the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask because literally everybody and their mother raves about this. Super stoked to try this!
Also, after Nicole mentioned she much preferred the Batiste dry hair shampoo over the Dove one I was a little hesitant but decided to test and compare them myself to see what I think. Will keep you updated! Also, I decided to give face wipes another go and purchased YesToCarrots facewipes. I’m curious to see what I think!

IMG_8270On the beauty front I was pretty much drawn to all variations of red as you can tell. Fleur loves the Revlon Color Burst Matte Lip Balm. And because they only recently launched in the British market I was totally excited to find this in Boots. Also high up on my list of coveted products was the rimmel in In Love With Ginger. I tried this today and loved it!!
How gorgeous is NARS packaging? I already adore the look of this matte lip pencil in Red Square and am curious to see how this tests.
Further down the line we have a Revlon Color Burst matte lip pen. I first wanted to get the shade Audacious but they didn’t have it and so I went for this instead which looks like a nice pinky red.
In Duty free I got myself another Clarins Lip Perfector in the shade 06, after Fleur mentioned this as a perfect nude shade and I’m seriously lacking in that department.

IMG_8274For an upcoming concealer comparison I also wanted to try the much raved about Collection concealer and the gorgeous NARS creamy concealer. I also stocked up on the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I’ve had this before but the lid broke and now I don’t like to carry this around with me anymore out of fear of covering the entire content of my beauty bag.

IMG_8276Some last random bits are a new tube of the L’Occitane hand cream, and Essie’s nailpolish in Mint Candy Apple

Let me know what products you’d like me to go more in depth about and I’m sure to post a review in the near future! What’s your favorite item you have bought recently?


23 thoughts on “London Haulin’

  1. What an awesome haul. I love Soap and Glory, I have their Breakfast Scrub and it does wonders for my skin. I’m also a huge fan of Batiste dry shampoo as well


  2. I love this haul! Your photos are fantastic, and I love Fleur as well! I’m looking forward to trying the new Revlon matte lip product.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts! xx


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