Hitting Town


This month certainly broke a record. The purchase of my first small black bag. I know, I know, you’d think that would be the most obvious choice but lemme tell you: I got them in all colors of the rainbow except black! Anyhow, that was before this little MANGO bag made its way into my closet (on sale, may I add?). I like its simplicity and it just goes with anything in my closet. It does have a strap but for aesthetic purposes I had to take that off for the picture πŸ˜‰

So here you have the items I usually pack when hitting town. I always pack a little pouch containing some cash, my ID and a few blister plasters because you never know where those new heels might rub. On a regular day basis I carry a big wallet but for going out I’d rather not carry all my cards and that good stuff.

Then you have the obvious key, phone and hair clip. As I have a ton of hair I sometimes tend to get quite warm in da club (I know.. I’m so cool), so this is great for putting my mane up.

Onto the beauty bits, while the lip color obviously changes with whatever I put on that night, I’ve lately only been using my beloved Sephora Lip Cream. I also carry my MAC Select Sheer Pressed PowderΒ in NC30 and MAC Studio Finish ConcealerΒ in NW20 to cover any redness that might shine through after some serious dancing sessions. (Again… so cool). Last but not least, a miniature version of my favorite perfume, just to touch up and smell nice all night long!


What are your going-out-bag-essentials? Please share!


8 thoughts on “Hitting Town

  1. This is such a cute post Maja, I enjoyed reading this. The mini bag looks so cute! If I was to go out, I’d too bring a small bag, containing some money and ID + emergency ATM card, who knows what would happen right? Beauty-wise a lipstick πŸ™‚ I realised tho I’ve never really reapply as I either forgotten that I brought it or too busy dancing to care haha. Oh, and Phone ofcourse. So pretty much the same as you would bring hehe. (Sorry my comment is a bit long).

    Hope you’re still having fun in the UK πŸ™‚ can’t wait for your next post lovely!<3

    xx Emma



    • Aw Emma, you make my day! I’m always hesitant about bringing my cards as I’m scared of being robbed or something, haha!
      Finally back today but already on the go again. Can’t wait for things to be a bit more chill next week.


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