Want To Wear

IMG_3209I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again – I’m just not a summer lover. Whenever a heat wave rolls over my town you’ll most likely find me in my bed, blinds shut watching some series until it cools down again. Gimme those 17°- 23° C and I’m loving life! Being so frustrated about the current temperatures (and online sales shopping) I thought I’d put together an outfit that I’m definitely going to wear in a few weeks time.
The look revolves around this stunning Twenty8twelve coat that I managed to get 70% off at Girissima. Don’t worry, it’s not real fur but it certainly does look like it! The shape is quite oversized but it’s just the most gorgeous shade of burgundy and brings a little bit of color into my mostly black and white attire.
I’ve paired it with my staple black jeans, these ones are by H&M but I go through them on a monthly basis! A white, slightly cropped, blouse with cute polka dots by Zara (also a sale purchase) and my latest addition: this black felt hat by H&M. I’ve always wanted a hat but never found one that wasn’t too expensive, in case I didn’t wear it enough, or that didn’t appeal to me. The brim on this one has just the right width and doesn’t make my face look rounder than it already is. Let’s see whether I’ll actually pull this off or not…
On my feet I’m looking forward to rocking these Kurt Geiger booties again which I got for christmas last year (they’re on sale now!), the oversized chain picks up nicely the handle of my Angel Jackson bag that I got last winter.

What outfits are you longing to wear again once it has cooled down? And what are your staple pieces?


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