A Beach Guide

While summer certainly isn’t my favorite season of ’em all (I’m the typical September, October weather kind of girl), I do enjoy the sound of waves and smell of salt that a day at the beach comes with. For those of you lucky enough to make that a hobby I’ve picked a couple of my current faves that would look lovely in front of the sea scenery (sea-nery..? Too much? Oops I thought so).

Yellow is probably my favorite color for a day at the beach. It’s light, so it doesn’t attract the sun too much and looks great in combination with other (bright) colors. Here I’ve picked a yellow straw hat by Sensi Studio to match the handy beach tote by Topshop. This blue Motel dress compliments most body shapes and covers the shoulders: one area that I usually burn after a day out and thus something I like to cover up on the way home.
Comfy espadrilles, these ones are by trusty Topshop again, pick up on the fun color of those gorgeous Miu Miu sunglasses. How cool is this shape and the glitter?ย swoon…

I think you can’t really go wrong with a cute printed bathing suit, so this polka-dotted version by H&M (shhh… on sale right now!) ticks that box just right.

Now, the only thing I am missing is a good beach read. After re-reading The Fault in Our Stars about three times it’s time to move on (seriously, read it. It’s THAT good!). I’ve been coveting Robyn Schneider’s “The Beginning of Everything” – has anyone of you read it and can recommend it?

What are your sartorial beach essentials? A beauty bag follow-up is already in the making!


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