Here to Stay


It seems as though every brand recently released at least one version of a (matte) lip stain. So obviously I had to try out a couple formulas myself. I present to you: a winner, a meh… option and one that certainly does not receive any awards. Can you guess which one is which?

First up we have the Sephora Rouge Velouté Sans Transfer Cream Stains (11€). I recently reviewed this one over here, if you want a more detailed description and a picture of me strutting the pout. Instead of repeating myself about this gorgeous product – hop on over! (In case you couldn’t tell.. this is a clear winner in my books!)

IMG_3108Next up we have the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 03 – Hot Pepper (12€). Out of all three this formula feels the lightest on my lips and really makes its name justice. The texture feels velvety and the color is opaque in just one coat. However, I am not a fan of the application. The little doe foot applicator picks up too much product leaving me with a line around my lips that I’d rather avoid. The longevity of this is quite nice though, even though it has not tested to be food and drinks proof. At the end of the day the product in the middle will be worn off so you cannot get around touching up as you go. One last remark: this smells quite funky, so if you’re quite sensitive to lingering scents on your lips you might want to avoid this.

IMG_3124Lastly I will be talking about the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in 304 – Eclipse (9€). I bought this after I heard people raving about the shade Big Bang but wasn’t really feeling the bright red. However, from texture to application to longevity this product did not tick any of my boxes. I find the applicator quite messy, I’m not sure if that’s because the little sponge is a bit more voluminous than on the Bourjois or Sephora ones but it just loads up too much product. It doesn’t apply evenly and I had to go over it multiple times to get an opaque layer. This then turned the color into almost purple, way too dark for my liking! It is quite liquidy so you better double-check your mirror after putting this on as I’ve had a serious case of product-on-teeth. Let’s just say I looked like I had sucked somebody’s blood – not a good look! As I have read great reviews on the other shades though I might have to give the Apocalips a second shot and see how they compare to this shade.

What are your lip stain recommendations to try out? Have you made any experiences with the Rimmel Apocalips? Please share!



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