The Summer Shade

IMG_3000I’ll have to admit… I’m a sucker for Limited Editions and what’s worse: Special Editions. However, I don’t really care for standing in line long hours to then be run over by a crowd. As you can figure these two don’t usually go well together. When I first found out about the Proenza Schouler x MAC collection over on Fashion Gone Rogue, I was intrigued but didn’t get my hopes up on managing to snag a piece myself. That was until one innocent afternoon I ventured into the hallowed halls of my local MAC store and found the last Mangrove they had. It’s a bright orangey-red that can look quite corall-y if applied in a thin layer. The finish is quite matte but still adds a freshness to the face. I like to apply my Nuxe Rêve de Miel underneath as I found to be a little bit drying. It looks great with a tan and I find it to be quite versatile in terms of wearing it during the day or night.

IMG_2909I have found it on eBay with a much marked up price tag, but in case you would like to add this gem to your collection I’m sure you’ll find a good justification.

Tell me about your favorite shade of lipstick for summer. What can’t I miss to get my hands on this year?



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