The Pout That Will Stay

IMG_2864I promised myself to not spent another summer vegetating away without the slightest amount of productivity, hence the return to the blogosphere. Opening with a BANG, I herewith present to you: The lip stain you will want to have for this season. The Rouge velouté sans transfer, or for the non-french-speaking: cream lip stain. Bonjour!

A rich and creamy lacquer that applies beautifully and dries down to a gorgeous matte finish. It doesn’t budge and has incredibly lasting power. I’m talking 7 hours without reapplication here…
It comes with a little doe foot applicator that makes application quite easy. One thing I will say though that it is not a stain, as it doesn’t leave my lips tinted after it has worn off. It’s more a layer that can be taken off quite easily by my trusty Bioderma or any other make-up remover for that matter.

At 11,95€ it doesn’t break the bank and is available at Sephora. I own the two brightest shades 01 and 03 but am definitely looking into getting my hands on some of the other options.

01 – Always red, the perfect shade of red for a night out.


03 – Strawberry kissed, a rich pink shade that is super wearable during the daytime.



Have you tried any of these? And what is your secret weapon to perfecting the pout?



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