Crush On Columbine

I don’t really know under which rock I was living, but it certainly has to be one that’s been ignoring my latest girl crush for way too long.
I seriously don’t know how this could happen but I just recently came across Columbine Smilles blog and since then have been utterly obsessed with her. Not only is she beyond gorgeous, but most of all I adore her style. She dresses elegant yet casual – wearing simple tees, sneakers or track pants but always with a feminine twist.

From April 19th until May 5th she teamed up with Topshop to pick out her favourite pieces (that unfortunately were on display in Topshop Stockholm only). And I must say, I would’ve bought almost every single item! I love the white hidden wedge sneakers, the sequins skirt and the draipy trench.

I wanna know – who’s your current girl crush/style icon?


One thought on “Crush On Columbine

  1. Yes! Columbine really is the best! I don’t know how she does it, her style seems so simple but it’s genius. She is my number one style influence. Besides her I find Ivania from Love Aesthetics, Maria from Vanilla Scented and of course Leandra from the Man Repeller to be very inspiring.


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