Excuse the lack of posts within the last two months but apart from studying for my final exams there wasn’t much energy I had left. But, as I finished all my exams just yesterday I’m back on track, yayy!

First of, I wanted to introduce you to an amazing creative duo whose website I stumbled upon quite a while ago but had completely forgotten about.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg invented the idea of “cinemagraphs” – an interesting combination of photography and visual graphics. Beck’s photographs become ‘alive’ by the animation of certain elements, for which Burg is responsible. As Coco Rocha said “it’s more than a photo but not quite a video”.

I felt completely intrigued by this new take on photography as it is so unusual and unexpected.

I definitely recommend you check out their website and take a couple of minutes to get sucked into the little details.



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