Skincare Fall to Winter Edit


When transitioning from season to season you normally switch up your wardrobe. Goodbye to those flimsy dresses, open shoes and leaving a jacket at home. But as your body needs more protection throughout the colder months to keep healthy, so does your skin. I am currently in the process of updating my skincare regimen to a more appropriate routine preparing for the big drop in temperature that is inevitably going to happen in foreseeable time. Of course I did not take all of my skincare products with me to Sweden so this makes it a bit easier for me to sort through my stash, deciding what to keep, what to leave for next year and what items I need to add.

Starting with my keepers, it is all about again protection and moisturizing. As I have mentioned before my hands tend to get really dry so I like to always carry my L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream with me wherever I go. It is rich, keeps my hand soft and sinks in quite quickly, so no oily marks all over your keyboard!

We all apply SPF before a good ol’ sunbathing session but most of us forget this step in their daily routine regardless of of season and whether the sun is shining or not. Fact is, there are UVA and UVB rays shining on us all day whether you see them or not. They make the skin age quicker, developing wrinkles and impurities at an earlier age. You won’t see the results of using this regularly this within a week, a month or even a year, but sooner or later the day will come.

I am currently in the midst of writing an ode to the Body Shop Body Butters but I just can’t help it. The perfect luxurious yet not incredibly expensive treat for your skin after a nice shower. It sinks in quite fast (can you tell this is a major criterion for me?) and smells nice and soft. Like anybody else’s my skin tends to get quite dry and as deep care treatment I put this on every night for a couple of days in a row and instantly see results. No more flakiness!

One more Body Shop product to finish off, this Serum-In-Oil is the last step in my skincare routine and supports regeneration over night. It is moisturizing yet doesn’t make me shine like a stick of butter and smells very nice. A few drops are enough to cover the entire face and so far I have not noticed any dry patches on my forehead which I had big struggles with last year.


Now on to the products that I would like to add to my skincare.
I love a good face mask and this over-night version by Origins is raved about lots in the blogger community. Especially after using exfoliating and deep-cleansing masks I notice my skin gets a bit tight and to put the moisture back I would like to add this to my routine. I’ve also never used an over-night mask so I am anticipating this to be very rich yet not too heavy to stain my pillows. Any experiences with this Drink Up Intensive option?

As you can see from my keeper’s I currently don’t own a daily face cream. While using the SPF alone currently works fine as it is not that cold yet, I will definitely find an option to provide my skin with a little more care and moisture for the day. As I trust in the brand I am keen to try out the Make A Difference Plus + cream to see whether it really holds up to its great reviews. Can you tell I’ve made it my mission to avoid any dry patches at all this winter?

Apart from dry skin I also suffer from really dry eye-lids. Especially the inner area gets super dry and flakey, a rather gross sight – let me tell you! I’ve tried it with a ton of creams last year but none of them seemed to help. And while I still like my Origins GinZeng Eye Cream in the morning I want to add a bit more oomph at night to repair any damages. I have only heard great things about this Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado one by Kiehl’s and will definitely invest in one of those little pots.

Lastly, who doesn’t get chapped lips in the colder months? Ever tried applying lipstick on top of that? Yeah, not a good look. The wild Argan Oil range by the Body Shop is supposed to be super rich and caring and goes by the name of Solid Oil Lips. If that doesn’t moisturizing then I don’t know what! I’ve given this a quick try a couple of days ago in the shop and think I must head back soon!



One product that will leave my bathroom shelve this season is the Origins GinZing day cream. I really liked this during the warmer months as the gel texture is very nice and light, sinks in quickly and is the perfect base for already relatively moisturized skin. But as you can tell from the description I have just given you, not exactly an ideal companion during those colder months to come.


I’m curious as to what you will be replacing and adding to your skincare routine, please share in the comments!

The Lip Product Addict Tag

IMG_9149Here it is! The Lip Product Addict Tag – after receiving the odd comment about my preference for bold lipsticks I was thinking of writing a blog post on my favorite bright lippies but then thought why not combine it with the lipstick tag that Lily Pebbles created a while back? So there you have it, my favorite bunch lip products. I am tagging Millie C, Diana from Cardiff Beauty Blog and Abbie Jane from Alvissia.

One: What is your favorite balm or treatment?
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip perfector – 01 Rose Shimmer

I’ve only bought this a few months back but have already declared it as my holy grail of lip products. It isn’t too glossy, but not matte either, provides moisture for hours even after the actual balm has worn off and leaves my lips super soft. I own two shades of these and while they only give the slightest bit of color I love them both and always carry one in my handbag.

Two: What is your favourite eye catching red?
Sephora Cream Lip Stain 01 – Always Red

This had made its fair appearance on the blog before as well, and for a good reason. It’s the most gorgeous bright red that has a lot of dimension despite being an ultra matte formula. This will not budge on you no matter what and stays on a good couple of hours before showing sign of wear. I believe this shade suits absolutely everybody and if you’re in the market for a new red: try this!

Three: The best luxury and drugstore product?
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Red Square / Rimmel Kate – 107

The luxury one for me was quite hard to determine because I don’t really own many high-end lip products. So for me at this point it would probably be the NARS Velvet Matte Pencil in Red Square. It glides on very easily and isn’t too drying on the lips either. However, like I said, it’s not my absolute favourite (I’m quite sure I would like the Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose, but that’s for another story).
As for drugstore I definitely get most wear out of the Rimmel Kate lipstick in the shade 107. A gorgeous color that can be layered to create a deep opaque red or lightly dabbed on for a just-bitten kinda look. This one I will probably repurchase for ever and ever!

Four: Best MAC lipstick?
Plumful – Lustre

For me that is plumful, without a doubt. It’s the shade I get most wear out of. It’s a lustre finish so again, great for layering but also super pretty in just a thin swipe. This is one of the few products, which I could apply in the dark and be sure that it looks good!

Five: Most disappointing product?
Revlon ColorStay – Shanghai Sizzle

Excuse the lack of image but as I found this quite disappointing I left it at home when I moved to Stockholm. I am talking about the Revlon ColorBurst lip laquers and mine is in the shade Shanghai Sizzle, a bright orange-y toned red. I remember Fleur raved about this but I found the application to be quite streaky and hard to work with. I’ll give it another go next year but so far: not impressed.

Six: Lip Liner: Yes or No?

The fact that I brought exactly one lip liner for my 6 months stay says it all I assume. I never use lip liner except for when I am donning a deep burgundy red. With darker colors I am usually a bit more careful, but I do actually really wanna get my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in …

Seven: Favourite gloss?

None, to be honest. I just really don’t like the sticky feeling and that Clarins Lip Perfector I talked about is the closest I will get to using a gloss in the near future, trust me. Maybe it’s the impracticality of having to get your hair off of your lips or the fact that I just much prefer a matte lip, but glosses and I really do not get along.

Eight: Something else?

Here is a product that I love and hate at the same time. The P2 couture lip polish stain in 045 – professional attitude is the perfect mauve-y color that makes my lips look natural yet better. If only they changed the formula, because even though it says it’s a stain – let me tell you it is not. This rubs off very fast! Too bad, cause I really like the product.



September Favorites


I know I am super late to the party but life has been so busy recently and the lack of daylight after I get home from work made it rather impossible to shoot nice pictures. But enough of the excuses, today I present to you my favorite products from the month of September! September is usually my favorite month: gorgeous sunlight, leaves turning orange, perfect temperatures and of course, my birthday. You will have seen my birthday make-up here if you are interested! So apart from these products, of course, the whole month has been a favorite!

Rituals – Zensation Foaming Shower Gel 
This smells divine! The organic rice milk and cherry blossom combination is luxurious, foams up gently under the shower and an absolute treat. One of my best friends gave this to me for my birthday and I have been loving this as a my special sunday shower gel, making me feel relaxed to ensure a good night rest. It makes a great gift (duh) and is an absolute recommendation!

The Body Shop  – Body Butter
Another gift from previously mentioned friend. A detailed post on this is coming your way this week, but I wanted to introduce it on the blog here already as well. Those Body Butters are so rich and creamy in texture, making the skin feel lovely soft and moisturized even days after applying it. I don’t really like any other scents at the Body Shop apart from this as they’re mostly too sweet for my liking, but this Olive version makes me feel and smell clean, just what I want. I apply this at night and let it sink in over night but it also works if you apply a thin layer after your morning shower.

Zara Handsoap – Ginger Lily
Probably THE best attribute of my new room is the own bathroom that comes with it. Even before I had moved in I already rushed to Zara to buy myself a lovely soap which nobody but me would use. I know I’m quite strange when it comes to that department but these kinds of products and rituals just give me so much satisfaction that I like to embrace them. This smell is lovely and lingers around for quite a bit. It’s flowery and sweet, but not overly overpowering.

The Body Shop – Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil
As the temperatures are dropping my skin is getting drier by the day. I have pretty normal skin but in the past years I have noticed to get really dry and flaky patches around my forehead and cheeks so I am currently preventing that from happening by applying this as my last step in my nighttime skincare routine. It is very moisturizing, smells lovely and doesn’t make my face feel too greasy. It is completely absorbed by the skin by the next morning and I am currently crossing my fingers that there won’t be any dry patches in the weeks to come!

L’Occitane – 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream
This is hands down the best hand cream I have ever tried! The smell is super nice, again slightly powdery yet still fresh and subtle. It sinks in super fast and provides good moisture throughout the day. I get quite dry hands in the colder months, causing the skin on my fingers to crack (I know, not a pretty sight!) and this really does a good job at keeping those areas more or less soft. I will probably repurchase this hand cream over and over again and was so incredibly happy when my godaunt gifted me the full size version for my birthday.

Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation
If you’re looking for a full review on this product click here, but in short: I’ve been using this foundation most mornings during the month of September and loved it! The finish is gorgeous, a matte yet still radiant look and has great longevity. Sometimes I look into the mirror at 4 at work and am surprised as to how good this still holds up. No show of wear and nothing has come off. Definitely a new holy grail product in my make-up stash!

Bobbi Brown – Peony Blush
While throughout summer I enjoyed using my Sephora Blush in Orange Pop I noticed myself reaching for this pink shade more often throughout September. It’s a really pretty pink that is highly pigmented so you’re gonna wanna go in rather lightly handed! I think it really compliments blue eyes and blonde hair without creating that stereotypical Barbie reference. I am almost hitting pan and when I run out of this I will definitely be repurchasing it!


Now on to you, what have been your favorite products for the month of September? Please share your products or leave me links to your posts, I am always curious to try out new things!

Favorite YouTubers: German Edition

Even though I spend most of my time online and offline being surrounded by english speaking people, well, not really here in Stockholm, but the communication is primarily english here for me anyway, I like to be reminded of the sound of the German language every so often. Having connected with quite a few bloggers on here that I initially thought were English but turned out to be fellow Germans, I though I would also share my favorite German-speaking YouTubers on here. So say Willkommen to my first German post!


Lena und Leonie wohnen beide in Köln und so kommt mir der ein oder andere Hintergrund in ihren Videos durchaus bekannt vor und erinnert mich ein wenig an die Heimat. Die zwei sind super sympathisch und ich freue mich immer wenn ein neues Video hochgeladen wird. Seien es DM Hauls oder Frühstücksideen, als ebenso großer Bioderma-Fanatiker kann ich mich mit den beiden sehr gut identifizieren und lerne doch häufig noch etwas dazu.


Jasmin ist nicht nur unglaublich hübsch, sie hat auch ein Händchen für vielversprechende Marken die noch relativ neu auf dem Markt sind. Besonders sehenswert sind ihre Favoriten Videos, denn mit ihrer Vorliebe für Hip Hop aus den 90ern entdecke ich immer wieder neue Künstler und Songs die mir den Weg zur Arbeit verschöner.


Wenn es um meine liebste Wunschgarderobe geht steht Nisi ganz oben auf meiern Liste. Minimalistisch aufgebaut, aber mit tollen Designer Handtaschen und dezenten Make-up Looks aufgewertet, sieht sie immer top gestyled aus. Ihre ruhige Stimme und zartes Erscheinen machen ihre Videos zur absoluten Erholungsphase für den Kopf.


Als professionele Make-Up Artistin hat Anna einige Tips aus Lager die das Auftragen von Make-Up um einiges erleichtern. Von A – wie Augenringe abdecken bis E – der perfekter Eyeliner, kreiert sie momentan ein ABC der Schminkwelt. Auf Anna’s Kanal bin ich mir sicher in jedem Video wieder etwas neues zu lernen. Sei es über ein Produkt, oder eine Anwendetechnik.


Talisa’s Video’s gucke ich immer wieder gerne, weil sie einfach so ein fröhlicher und herzlicher Mensch ist. Schon ihre “Hallo Freunde” Anrede ist so einladend, und durch ihre Videos hat man das Gefühl sie als echte Freundin kennen zu lernen. Auch mit ihrem Modestil kann ich mich gut identifizieren und würde am liebsten jedes Teil, das sie ‘hauled’ nachkaufen.


Kennt ihr die Mädels? Und falls ihr noch Empfehlungen habt, immer her damit!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Review

IMG_9146I have been lusting over this foundation for probably two years now, but never got around to purchase it. Whether that be the limited availability in my hometown or in Amsterdam (aka non-existent?) or the hefty price tag it comes with. For some reason it was never meant to be. One afternoon in the city of Stockholm while innocently browsing the shops I suddenly saw the Armani counter at luxury department store NK and was instantly drawn to it. Obviously. I got shade-matched and then wanted to see the result outside during daylight and am pretty sure the lovely sales assistant was convinced I wouldn’t be coming back. But I marched right back and bought the bottle oh which all skin-dreams are made of!

Now let’s get down to business and talk facts!
The luminous silk foundation is an oil-free fluid featuring “exclusive Micro-fil™ technology” that is meant to leave the skin silky and smooth while remaining weightless. And to be fair, I can completely agree with this claim. I definitely feel like it’s light and good coverage upon application but smoothes out instantly and throughout the day I barely feel like I have anything on my skin. It gives the most gorgeous finish, matte but not like you took a dive into your setting powder of choice and trust me when I say: it does not move.
While I don’t really have much reason to complain about my skin except for the odd spot, most foundations usually rub off of my chin and cheeks throughout the course of the day. Not this one, it doesn’t break down nor rub off! I have neither noticed dry patches nor oily zones, so I would say it’s good for normal to dry skin types.

For the daytime I use one pump on the back of my hand and then apply it with either my Real Techniques Buffing Brush or my hands, depending on whether I want a more natural or even coverage. At night I will use two pumps and use a brush, just to make sure no redness shines through whatsoever. Not that I am hunted down by paparazzi’s all day and this would be a crucial factor, but I enjoy the fact that this does not contain any SPF and thus doesn’t reflect light. So whether you’re preparing for an event or just like the look of a matte complexion: this is your guy!

Determining whether I like a foundation or not is always down to a few key points. These include the correct color match, longevity and scent.
As I have already spoken and given the Luminous Silk a great pass on the first two points I will quickly mention that the scent is quite pleasant as well. It certainly isn’t as intense as the Dior BB Cream and doesn’t linger as long either. This just adds to the feeling of not actually wearing anything on your face throughout the day.

So as you can tell from my little round-up: this foundation is a clear winner in my books. It was definitely worth splurging on and I can recommend everybody to get color matched and see how you like it. With 18 shades to choose from it shouldn’t be too hard to find something close to your skin tone. Next foundation for me to try is the NARS Sheer Glow foundation – what are your experiences with this?


Read here my review on the L’Oréal True Match foundation.

Fall Fashion Favorites


This is a bit of a cop out, I know. Anyone that knows me will know that this combination up here is a typical Maja look. While you’re probably picturing all shades of forest green, burgundy red and honey gold when thinking of the fall season, I just feel more comfortable in my trusty dark shades. What’s definitely new to me though is navy! I’ve been told before that navy goes well with blonde hair and blue eyes, and you’ll have seen me play with navy eyeliner here, yet up to this year I didn’t venture into that color spectrum within the fashion department at all really.

Browsing through Zara the other day I came across this dark blue cashmere sweater that is literally the softest thing in the world and instantly fell in love. Darn you, Sweden for your ridiculous mark-ups, otherwise this baby would’ve been mine without giving it a second thought right away. But good news: I’ll be visiting Tallinn, Estonia this upcoming weekend and will make sure to take this home with me.

Our office isn’t heated yet and a big scarf that can double up as blanket is a definite winner in my books! This, again, Cashmere version comes from Acne and has been sitting on top of my wish list for the longest time. I do have a feeling we’ll become friends not too far into the future and am already looking forward to cozying up in this.

A plain white shirt. What else is there to say? I go through these like I go through skinny black pants, but they’re just so effortless and easy to throw on. Throw a cardigan or sweater on top, slip into comfy shoes and say good-bye to the secretary look and bonjour to classic comfort. This Muji version is made from cotton and allows your skin to breathe underneath all those layers in the winter.

My first reaction to these shoes was a little bit mixed. To me they look like the hyped Eytys sneakers and Isabel Marant Nowles boots had a baby and this is what Zara came up with. I haven’t tried them on, and in terms of white sole+ black leather they are quite similar to my slip-ons, but for some reason I can’t get them out of my head. What do you think?

Especially now that I am sitting most of the day in front of my desk,  I appreciate the comfort of a loose fitting pant. Again, keywords here are effortlessly stylish which is exactly my kinda cup of tea. I’m not sure how flattering this leather version is on any other size than a 34, but there’s no harm in trying.

Even though I am wearing only silver and rose gold on my wrists at the moment I am very very attracted to these gold pieces by Jane Køning, a danish jewelry designer. That cuff looks just like a screw and how cool is this two-piece earring? If anybody feels like treating me to a jewelry upgrade: you know where to find me!

Last but not least: another untypical choice for me. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to the nail polish department but this Blue Satin shade by Chanel definitely tickles my fancy! From far away it looks almost black but when the light catches it it gives a nice shine and reflection. A nice alternative to your standard black.


So these are my current obsessions, I’m curious as to what you’re craving for fall? And please don’t forget to let me know what you think of those shoes!